Blown away by the awesome power of the wind? But the government is freezing it out of our energy system.

It’s time to stand up for onshore wind.


Onshore wind power is cheap, clean and popular. But the government is blocking it at every turn.

Together, we've been standing up for onshore wind power. But we’re not finished - there’s plenty more to do to make sure wind powers our low carbon future. Will you join us? 



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Data sources

The wind power data comes from, and comprises generation data for onshore and offshore wind turbines. However, not all installed onshore wind power capacity is metered publicly, meaning around 4GW of installed capacity is not captured in the live data feed. To compensate for this a factor of 1.2 is applied to achieve a final figure for Wind Dial. To read more detail see here.

Energy consumption:
Our comparative data figures are based on the following sources.