Want to get into the detail of wind power, wind policy and what we all think of it? This is the place for you.

Onshore wind is being wrapped up in red tape

Since summer 2015 new rules have meant onshore wind applications in England and Wales have faced hurdles no other type of development has to clear.

We read a load of newspaper articles on wind power so you don’t have to

We wanted to learn more about how the press covers onshore wind, so we got a very clever researcher to do some digging for us.

A guide to energy subsidies

Energy subsidies are super complicated. Here's what you need to know.


We love wind... but we don't know it!

What do your neighbours actually think of wind power?

The power of the wind

Wind power is the superstar of the UK’s decarbonisation. 

Wind policy: let's get detailed

Since 2015, the government has done it’s best to stop onshore wind in its tracks, despite all the awesomeness it can bring.


We need to talk about wind

Some of the most common criticisms of wind power and the best way to answer.