In the autumn of 2015, people building locally owned wind, sun and water power were ambushed by a sneaky government cut.

They had just weeks to raise the funds they needed. And everyone teamed up to help them beat the clock.


The campaign

We created a website showcasing all the community energy groups raising funds, and loads of 1010ers invested to help get them over the line. We knew not everyone could afford to invest though, so hundreds of 1010ers sent smaller donations instead. We combined their money together into investments and 10:10 invested on their behalf. 

In just a few weeks, the British public poured nearly £15m into community energy. We can't take all the credit for that - the projects worked their socks off too!

By the time the cuts came into force, all 24 projects had raised enough money to build their sun, wind and water power projects!


donated by 1010ers
(plus a whole lot invested) 



projects funded and going ahead


invested in clean energy in three weeks!

Thank you to you all for your work on this project. We urgently need clean energy to protect this beautiful planet for all generations.
— Message from donor