On 1st September 2009 10:10 was born with our very first campaign, the 10% challenge.

We started simple: unite the UK around one goal – cut our carbon by 10% in 2010. Together we aimed to send the government a message: we want real, meaningful action on climate change.


The campaign

This is where it all started for us. 10:10 began with a high profile launch backed by The Guardian in the Tate Modern’s iconic Turbine Hall and spread like wildfire to become an international campaign across 41 global hubs with tens of thousands of people, business, schools and other organisations supporting.

The campaign saw some real carbon-cutting heroics: businesses completely overhauled their travel policies, councils invested in super-efficient heating systems, parents got their kids switching lights off by giving them a share of the bill savings, British embassies around the world hit 40, 50 and even 60% reductions by making smart use of video conferencing. Even the government got involved, saving £13m of public money on their energy bills.


People took part


Tonnes carbon cuts pledged


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