Max Wakefield

Director of campaigns

I bring forward new 10:10 campaigns and support the campaigns team on our live projects. Basically all the fun stuff.

Climate change was my way into thinking about the world as a young adult, and it runs through everything from my politics to annoying domestic habits. Down the years I’ve bounced from food waste to economics and finance to local currency to DIY energy to movement organising to try and understand the world better, and make a bit of a difference.

I occasionally pretend to be an energy systems and policy expert in public (I co-authored Greenpeace’s 2030 energy scenarios, and helped build the UK’s first ‘energy tree’), and am a director of Demand Energy Equality - a grassroots group that uses hands-on DIY renewables workshops to spread energy literacy and empowerment.

Most importantly, I have a longstanding and irreversible commitment to sausage dogs.