Bea Xu

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I’ve joined 10:10 to help with Blown Away and other projects in the pipeline.

In what feels like a previous life, I produced video and editorial content for youth media platforms and brands. Now I hope to learn how to campaign on climate change - because mitigating ecological disaster is admittedly more important than buying shiny things.

Out of the office, I’m a budding creative writer, ‘artist’ and film buff. I also try to play the drums.

Ellie Roberts


Campaigns manager

I deliver 10:10's campaigns and lead on Blown Away - our campaign standing up for onshore wind in the UK. 

Before 10:10, I worked on fossil fuel divestment, the international climate negotiations, and supporting grassroots groups to take action on climate change. 

When I'm not at work, I'm about finding the nearest green space in London, being an aunt to a very cute niece and nephew, and trying to learn the guitar. 

Neil Jones

Projects manager

I work with communities and practitioners to deliver practical solutions to climate change.

Before joining 10:10, I've been a primary school teacher, an events manager and have worked on environmental campaigns with other NGOs.

I like to spend my free time getting lost in the mountains, drinking good beer and trying to learn Welsh. Sometimes all at the same time.

Matt Bonner


Design and creative lead

It's my job to find dynamic ways of visualising 10:10's campaigns and spreading our messages. I am responsible making sure everything 10:10 produces looks fun, friendly and fabulous so that we reach as many people as possible.

I am a graphic designer who works with organisations and projects that are focused on bringing about positive change to people and the planet. I am interested in how design and subversive art can be used as tool for affecting progressive social change. I have produced artwork for many campaigning groups and grassroots organisations including Global Justice Now, Reclaim The Power, War on Want and CAAT.

I'm big on social history, political struggles and green politics.

Krislyn Tan

Communications - supporters

I'm responsible for figuring out how 10:10 engages with our supporters, and making sure that every campaign and project we lead is communicated to you in exciting ways.

Prior to 10:10, I led marketing & fundraising teams in the poverty alleviation and international development sector, and campaigned for the protection of children against domestic and sexual violence. I also learned how to make a pretty rad cup of coffee.

Fun Facts: I'm scared of collarbones, and don't know my left from my right.

Vwede Okorefe

I spend my time making sure that things like the electricity gets paid, the boiler works and just generally support the team with all other manner of things that need to get done so the 10:10 staff can crack on with the work of tackling climate change.

I'm a regular occasional yoga lover and meditation geek, and I'm a big fan of dancing to any beat I can find.

Daniel Jones

Communications - press and profile

I spend my time learning how 10:10 makes everything it produces look and sound great. This means doing stuff like writing emails, helping maintain the website and speaking to our supporters through social media.

When not at work I like to spend my time trying to speak and learn Spanish, collecting and finding old things and (very) occasionally running.

Max Wakefield

Lead campaigner

My role is to bring forward new campaigns and work with the campaigns team on our live projects.

Before joining 10:10 I mainly worked in grass-roots groups with next to no resources, around energy and finance.

As well as taking an interest and writing about energy systems, I can also teach you to build a solar panel from scratch.

I have a longstanding and irreversible commitment to sausage dogs.


Helen Stack

Director of development

I'm lucky enough to work with 10:10's brilliant group of donors and supporters. They're the massive force behind everything we do to tackle climate change.

Before joining wonderful 10:10 I spent more than a decade in the voluntary sector, working with international, education and welfare charities. When not at work I'll generally be out looking for diggers and emergency vehicles with a tiny toddler.


Esther Griffin

Communications manager

I spend my days making the Climate Hope project happen by scouring the internet for the most positive stories about climate change. I bring the optimism. I spend the rest of my time fixing our website and making sure it's all in the right shade of pink.

Before working at 10:10 I did a bit of work in party politics and lobbying. I've also worked in a nursery, where I wasn't highly qualified enough to change nappies. I spend the rest of my time doing crochet, going to church and swing dancing.

Alice Bell

Head of communications

I keep 10:10s busy communications team running as smoothly as possible – keeping us ambitious and ensuring we have impact.

I've worked as a journalist and editor, and also in museums, but spent most of my career in academia. My PhD's in science communication, and I've lectured in science policy and science journalism too. I knit, do yoga, go on long walks and am really into bat watching.

Emma Kemp


I help make sure our projects are rocking it. Right now I'm working on a unique trial of local electricity supply that could breath new life into our renewables sector.

I joined 10:10 on an internship, and instantly knew I wanted to stay. As I found my feet in the carbon-cutting world, I worked in events fundraising and spent the summer trekking around festivals with Greenpeace. I love satire, krav maga, hedgehogs, and eat an unholy amount of sweet potato fries.

David Rouane

Director of finance

It's my job to worry about the money side of things.

I'm a qualified accountant but I have been working for charities so long that I'm probably unemployable anywhere else. When I'm not at 10:10, I'm sometimes working for other charities sorting out their knotty little problems. Although I deny being a film buff, I did set up my  local film club to show the films that Cineworld don't.

Leo Murray


Director of strategy

I make sure that 10:10's campaigns punch well above our weight - generating new ideas, spotting threats and opportunities and keeping track of how we fit into the big picture of climate action.

I’ve been active on climate change for nearly a decade, including in the successful campaign against a third runway at Heathrow Airport. I co-founded the 10:10 campaign back in 2009, and I’ve been back since 2013 following a stint building adventure playgrounds with my non-profit Monkey-Do. In what I laughingly call my spare time I run A Free Ride, the campaign to replace Air Passenger Duty with a fairer, greener Frequent Flyer Levy.

Amy Cameron

Director of operations

I’m responsible for turning ideas and strategy into a practical reality, and for the overall smooth running of the organisation.

I started out as an intern back in early 2011 and have refused to leave since. Prior to that I had a brief foray (ie six years of training and full qualification) into veterinary medicine. This now enables me to provide random and useless bits of information at staff lunches. I’m a committed theatre goer, feeder and eater, only just counterbalanced by some excessive gymming.