The Solar Schools project was all about communities coming together around a big goal: crowdfunding the cost of solar panels for their school roof.

We worked with 80 schools, from Stockton-on-Tees to the Scilly Isles, who together raised £723,000 and installed 2370 panels. That adds up to 38,940 baby elephants worth of carbon saved!


The impact of Solar Schools


Little Kingshill combined school, Bucks, raised £15,000 for their panels in 2011-12.

Holy Trinity primary, Essex, raised £10,000 for their solar panels in 2015-16.

Holy Trinity primary, Essex, raised £10,000 for their solar panels in 2015-16.

St Luke's primary, Brighton, raised £10,000 for solar panels in 2012-13

St Luke's primary, Brighton, raised £10,000 for solar panels in 2012-13

Ludwell primary school, Dorset, raised £12,500 for their solar panels in 2015-16.

The campaign

We provided schools with the tools and training they needed to get going, including a snazzy crowdfunding website. Then each team made the project their own, wowing us with their creativity and commitment. From bakes sales and baked-bean baths to pupil-run conker shys and table tennis marathons, the pupils, parents and local businesses really got into it. 

But it wasn’t just about pounds and panels. The Solar Schools project left an amazing legacy of new skills, stronger community links and local pride. Children (and grownups) learned about climate change and energy in a whole new way, and the money the schools saved on their energy bills has made them more resilient for the future. 


 Pupils crowdfunding clean energy


Solar panels installed


Cakes sold

I think the solar panels are great because they are saving the school money and producing energy. And helping save the planet.
— Sophie, aged 10
Solar Schools has instilled some pride in Ludwell - even though we’re a rural school, we’re leading the way.
— Richard, Governor at Ludwell primary
The lovely thing is it has brought people into the school who have never been or had a connection with it.
— Richard, grandparent at Fitzmaurice primary
Solar Schools has been great for the school, great energy-wise, and great publicity which we really need to keep children coming in.
— Sam, parent at Pendock primary
It has been an amazing journey and restored my faith in community spirit.
— Jo, Governor at Mabe primary
Why do we want solar panels on the school?
So we can gain natures trust
— Ricardo, aged 11
It is an amazing feeling to turn on a computer or some lights, and know that you are using power generated by your own roof
— Sarah, PTA member at Newnham Croft primary
When I walk into the school, the children surround me asking ‘Mr Wilson, Mr Wilson, when will we get our solar panels – they even try to hand me their pocket money!
— Kevin, PTA chair at Forest of Galtres primary

Solar Schools highlights

The Solar Schools roll of honour

From the 30p spent at a cake sale to the businesses giving hundreds of pounds - every generous donor owns a little part of the solar roof that they helped fund. 10:10 and each school would like to thank these donors for their support and lovely comments. Take a bow.