The most successful (and first ever) Solar Schools Awards


On Friday the 20th June, children at Ilmington primary in Warwickshire and St Vincent’s in Liverpool were showered with praise and applauses in the first ever Solar Schools awards.

All of the schools taking part in the project were invited to make nominations in the categories of Best Eco club and Best Individual Pupil Effort (Solar Schools Superstar). After some serious deliberation, the worthy winners were selected:

Best Eco Club: The hard working year 6’s at Ilmington
Best Individual Pupil Effort: Innovative rapper, Mahmood at St Vincent’s.


On the day itself, Amy and I jetted (trained) off to celebrate with the schools and award them with their special certificates and Solar Schools medals – yeah that’s right, MEDALS! 

Amy had the pleasure of visiting the fabulous team at St Vincent’s, Liverpool, where they're using the Solar Schools project to prepare and educate their students for green jobs in the future. Our worthy winner, Mahmood Hansroot is the perfect example of that in action. 

Mahmood, who is both visually and hearing impaired, has excellent communication skills which he wanted to put to use to great use - raising awareness about the Solar Schools project at his school. Demonstrating a whole host of employable skills, he teamed up with local band Ukebox and staff from Capita to create this rapping masterpiece. With hundreds of YouTube views already under his belt, Mahmood is hoping his efforts will lure in the donors and take St Vincent's closer to their target. 

How could we not give this award to Mahmood?! Not only is his commitment and passion to the project evident, but he put a huge range of skills to great use to produce a film which is informative and fun – perfectly in keeping with the style of the Solar Schools project! It’s an absolute honour to be coming up to Liverpool to present him with his accolade!
— Amy Cameron

Whilst Amy was venturing up north, I went out west to Warwickshire (and got quite the grand tour, stopping by the tallest point in the county!) to visit the delightful Ilmington Primary.  Anna Pike, project coordinator at the school, had nominated the year 6 students for their incredible efforts. They organised their very own sponsored swim and a biathlon which saw them run around their village for over an hour – no mean feat! Combined, these events raised over £2,000! 

Parents, donors and local community members had all come along to celebrate with the children and enjoy some of the delicious Solar Schools cakes on offer. Anna, the project coordinator at the school, and I handed out the students certificates and medals and listened to the amazing nomination poem – an ingenious way to fill the 200 word limit for nominations. One dedicated student even hobbled up to the front of the class on her crutches – she got an extra round of applause for that!

Having hit their target, Ilmington are in the process of finalising their installation – exciting times! If all goes well, they'll be installing over the summer so their panels can start lapping up some of the summer sunshine!
Both Amy and I had a great day celebrating with the pupils, staff and community members that joined the day. A huge thank you to the schools for taking part in the day, inviting us along and just being so wonderful. We’ve loved watching you progress this year and look forward to seeing those panels go up soon!
Round of applause for Mahmood and the year 6’s please!