Roseberry Primary School gets a parliamentary shout out!

Solar Schools is all about demonstrating that across the UK, people are ready to show the kind of passion and commitment that's needed to create a more sustainable future. So, we were absolutely thrilled to see one of our schools - Roseberry Primary School in Billingham - getting the kind of recognition their hard work deserves.

Yesterday, during the second reading of the hugely important Energy Bill, their MP, Alex Cunningham, called on government to take note of Roseberry when considering the choices they make about the UK's energy future. 


The Energy Bill has a big role to play in securing a clean energy future for the UK, but without strong demonstrations of support for renewables from their constituents, MP's won't call on government to make the bold decisions we need. Thanks to Roseberry, not only did Alex Cunningham MP have a great example of clean energy in action, but he was able to speak up knowing he was representing the concerns and passions of his constituents. 

From raffles at the Three Horseshoe Pub to mentions in parliament - Roseberry Primary are spreading their sustainable message everywhere and setting exactly the kind of example we, and government, need. Some massively well deserved, festive congrats from all at the Solar Schools team!