Ilmington’s student led success earns them the prestigious “Solar Schools Superstar” title!

We’re very happy to announce that the wonderful Ilmington School in Warwickshire is our Solar Schools Superstar this week!

Ilmington is a small village school with just 103 students, but demonstrating that age-old adage of quality over quantity, these pupils are powering the project forward towards their £17,000 target! Since launching just a few weeks back, they’ve already challenged themselves with a sponsored silence and a cake bake. Sam, aged 6, donned his wonderful wizard outfit and set up an innovative conker shy that raised £56! Events in the pipeline include a student-led sponsored swim in January and a school-led sponsored football shoot-out. 

Their most recent event was a fabulous biathlon which raised over £1600, pushing them over the £2000 milestone!  15 parents and friends cycled 50 long miles and 12 children ran around the village for an hour. Tom (aged 10), Joe (aged 6) and Charlie (aged 11) ran solidly for the whole hour – they deserve some extra applause I think! Naturally, everyone was rewarded for their efforts with some biscuit sunshine medals - delicious!

It’s fair to say that it’s been, and will continue to be, a jam packed few months, but the children are loving every minute of it. We spoke to Anna Pike, a parent  involved in the Ilmington efforts, to find out more about her experiences of Solar Schools so far:

What was your incentive to join the Solar Schools project?

We wanted to feel like we were doing something good to reduce our carbon footprint and get the next generation involved at the same time. I have three children at the school and I felt the Solar Schools project would enable them to get incentivised and excited about a topic that will be so important for them in the future.

What has been the highlight of your Solar Schools experience so far?

Having wanted to get involved in this project to excite the students, I am pleased to say that my highlight has been their reaction. I introduced the project in an assembly and later received an email from a mum informing me her child had described me as ‘a hero’. This shows just how enthusiastic the children are. They’re organising their own events all the time, ice cream sales, cake sales, running in our recent Biathlon and all credit must go to them for their astounding enthusiasm. 

How have you been spreading the word at Ilmington?

Ilmington is a small rural village so it has mainly been through word of mouth to individuals, rather than through businesses at the moment, although, the local pub has pledged its support! We have printed information in the parent’s newsletter and are enjoying sharing our stories on Facebook and Twitter

If you could give one tip to a new Solar School, what would it be? 

Don’t give up! In spite of the barriers, especially if you’re part of a small team, just keep at it! We’re not there yet but we definitely will be soon!

If the whole world were listening and you had just 140 characters to win their donations (& hearts), what would you say to WOW them? 

The 103 kids at Ilmington School are bursting with enthusiasm trying to raise money for solar panels, please help them reach their goal!

That’s all from us, but well done Ilmington, keep up the good work! 

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