A big thank you to Trillion Fund and Vivienne Westwood

If you have been admiring our Solar Schools page lately then you may have spotted a few donations to our schools from a party, organised by the ingenious Trillion Fund and the inspiring Vivienne Westwood. This wasn’t your normal party, It was a solar powered party with a large array of solar panels on the roof and a big battery to power the DJ through the night. The aim of the event was to encourage people to invest and support renewable energy projects across the UK, and Solar Schools was one of the lucky projects to be featured.

Before you ask, no the schools weren't out partying, we were. Though, actually we weren't really partying, we were working hard to tell as many people as possible about Solar Schools and secure some extra donations for our hard working schools. 

Amy, from the Solar Schools team was invited to stand up in front of the wide eyed crowd for just 3 minutes to explain the project and encouarage the guests to donate to our cause. This was quite the ask considering that Solar Schools was the only project not offering a return on investment.

But, as always she wowed the crowd with her enthused speech (personally, I think the scottish accent always helps too) to secure enough donations for each of our 15 new Solar Schools to receive £50. A welcomed boost to their fundraising efforts in these first few weeks.

On the night, we also spent some time chatting individually to guests, telling them all about the project and asking them to wish our schools luck - by signing our chalkboard!  Nicola Roberts from Girls AloudLilah Parsons from MTV and world renowned snowboarder, Nicolas Müller were all more than happy to get signing.

So, thank you to Trillion Fund and Vivienne Westwood for inviting us, thank you to the generous party goers who donated and thanks to the Solar Schools for being so marvellous.