1000 pupils skipping, skating and scooting towards solar!

This Friday 5th, around 1000 children across England are scooting, skating, skipping and staying silent for as long as they can in aid of bringing clean energy to their school!

The pupils from Little Kingshill Combined School, Courthouse Junior School and New Mills Business and Enterprise College will be calling on relatives and friends to sponsor their efforts and help raise the cash they need to take their school a step closer to their fundraising target! After a year filled with bake sales, bungee jumps, business support and bingo nights, the children taking part are hoping that Friday’s fun might just allow them to join our rapidly rising number of finishers!

Our pupils really care about our school and the environment and they’re so excited about installing solar panels. After a year filled with fundraising, they can’t wait to do their bit this Friday! Our sponsored Scoot&Skate will be lots of fun and should hopefully make a big dent in the £3,745 we still need to raise!
—  Helen McCammond, teacher, Little Kingshill Combined School

Since launching last October, the 29 schools taking part in Solar Schools this year have collectively raised over £140,000. With the end of term now just weeks away, they’re hoping to stump up several thousand more, allowing them to install solar panels over the summer.

Each school taking part uses an innovative combination of online and offline fundraising techniques to hit ambitious targets, while at the same time bringing their whole community together to learn about energy and climate change in a totally new way. This Friday, three of those schools are hosting sponsored events in tandem. From whole schools of skipping students to handfuls of silent teenagers, the pupils will be challenging themselves to do their bit to help their school tackle climate change.

For lots of the schools, pupils were the driving force behind getting involved in the project and they’ve been wowing us with their efforts throughout. With targets looming ever closer, we’re not surprised they want to do everything they can to see their solar dreams become reality!
— Amy Cameron, 10:10