The Solar Schools roll of honour

From 2011 to 2016, 80 schools took part in our Solar Schools project to crowdfund the cost of their own solar roofs. Together they raised over £700,000 and installed over 2000 solar panels. 

The school teams worked their socks off to get their solar roofs, collecting donations from far and wide. From the 30p spent at a cake sale to the businesses giving hundreds of pounds - every generous donor owns a little part of the solar roof that they helped fund.

10:10 and each school would like to thank these donors for their support and lovely comments. Take a bow.

Generous Brits have donated £500,000 for solar on schools!

Up and down the country, our Solar Schools are always wow-ing us with their fundraising creativity and dedication.

Now it’s time they wow-ed you. Because this week our schools hit £500,000! Read it, half a million pounds!!

Moorfield Launch 2 (3).JPG

Since 2011 we’ve worked with 65 schools, and each team has made the project their own. From pupil-run conker shys, to sponsored bungee jumps to seven hour table tennis marathons, every penny they’ve raised has gone towards making their schools a cleaner, greener place.

And as we come to the end of this year, there’s been plenty to celebrate from our current crop of solar schools. All Saints and St Richards primary raised £900 at their amazing pub quiz, Calstock primary have whacked out a fundraising event virtually every week, and Moorfield primary pupils pitched to a local business and received a whopping £10,000! And of course all our schools got creative to win some cash from Good Energy.

Grindleford Green day launch (6).jpg

It isn’t just about the money, because our schools have used the project to reach into the community, build networks and educate pupils and parents about the environment.

A lot of dedication and hard work has gone into every solar project, so a huge well done to all the schools and thank you to the donors!

Moorfield Primary are business-savvy superstars

Moorfield Primary in Widnes are the first superstars of the summer term! They've entered the last term of fundraising with a bang, securing a phenomenal £10,000 from a local business! 

When we first heard the news at Solar Schools HQ, we were pretty starstruck by their amazing fundraising efforts. We wondered how they'd done it - some sort of top secret mastermind plan, offering to endorse the business until the day the school closed, giving away excessive amounts of cake...? Nope. The students are the real superstars here! It turns out 4 pupils from the school just chatted to someone senior in the company about why solar panels were important to them. What an incredible achievement!

Moorfield have had an incredible journey so now with just £1,600 to go before they reach their target, we chat to Natalie Lynch, teacher and fundraising extraordinaire. We caught up about how they did it and how they're going to make up the final pennies...


1) You managed to secure a phenomenal £10,000 in business sponsorship. How did you do it?

We have a group of year six's who have done a lot of climate change work in the past. We have a link with Liverpool university and we work on a green project together, so the children have done assemblies, presentations and stalls on climate change in the past. One of our local governors, Sue Fox, is also a senior in BYK Additives. When she visited the school, our group of year six's showed her our solar display and told her why they felt getting solar panels was important and why we needed the money. There were only 4 students, and they weren't scripted or guided by teachers on the day. I think that's what made it so special and made the company want to help us  out - the students showed their own passion annd enthusiasm. They didn't use our words - they said it themselves.

2) What's been your favourite part of fundraising with Solar Schools so far?

It has to be the connections we've built as a community. I've organised lots of events and the same group of amazing parents are there every time, from discos to race nights. After one disco, I was approached by a mum I'd never spoken to before - her child wasn't in my class and it never taught her child at all - and she said thank you. She explained to me what a great time her child had been having and that she was glad that staff wanted to get involved with parents. All schools want to build a community, and I think Solar Schools has helped ours to do that. I'm glad that as teachers we are building links with parents and families. We are out in the world - not just behind the classroom door or behind a desk on parents evening.

3) You have just £1,600 left to go. What tricks have you got up your sleeve to reach your target?

We're excited for our summer fair. We're hoping to raise at least £1000 from that, so we will be practically almost done! We're considering organising a disco-race-quiz after half term too. We did all three events separately over the year, so we thought we'd bring them all together for one last fundraising push. We'd have a local dad DJ-ing, then pause the dancing every once in a while for a race, and there would also be a quiz on the table for everyone to get involved in. The last thing we're hoping is just to appeal to parents. We have so little money left - before their donation might have felt like a drop in the ocean, whereas now it really does push us ever closer to our target. 

4) You're very active on Twitter. Do you think social media is important for community crowdfunding?

Definitely. Everybody's always got their phones out now - it's the new way to communicate. Many people even feel addicted to social media. Getting it out on channels that people are addicted to can only be a good thing. On Twitter, we're followed by lots of businesses who watch what we're doing, and we were recently retweeted by the Halton Hour who have 40,000 followers! As for Facebook, even 

though we didn't win the Good Energy competition, it really showed the power of social media. Our photo was liked by over 700 people - we don't know 700 people! The picture spread far and wide. The reach you get by using social media is unlike anything else, and the more people who know about your fundraising, the more people will potentially be engaged.

Moorfield -intro card photo, Jake.jpg

5) If the whole world were listening and you had just 140 characters to win their donations (and hearts!), what would you say to WOW them?

Join us and be a part of the difference we want to see in the world. Solar power for Moorfield, and everywhere.

And the Good Energy winners are...

We'd like to say a massive well done to all the schools who took part in the Good Energy competition to win thousands of pounds towards their solar panels. We were super impressed by all the entries, and the creativity and effort that had gone into each individual one. It's been a long wait, but we're excited to finally be able to say congratulations to... 

All Saints and St Richards Primary in Sussex who won £5,000!

All Saints' and St Richard's Church of England Primary School enhanced.jpg

Georgeham Primary in Devon who have won £3,000.

Georgeham Climate Changenew.jpg

Calstock Primary in Cornwall who have won £1,000.

Calstock Community Primary School - SS GE competition 2015.jpg

A big well done to these three lucky schools who are getting a big boost to their totalisers. 

We'd also like to say a big well done and thank you to the other schools that took part in the competition. We loved each and every single entry and were impressed time and time again with your innovation in spreading the word and securing votes so we hope you are all proud of your efforts!

We'd also like to say a special thank you to Good Energy for hosting the competition and giving our Solar Schools the opportunity to get creative!

With the summer term now underway our schools are starting the final hurdle of their Solar Schools journey. They're closer to their targets than ever now so why not spare £5 to help them reach that final milestone and become green clean energy machines!

A big thank you to Trillion Fund and Vivienne Westwood

If you have been admiring our Solar Schools page lately then you may have spotted a few donations to our schools from a party, organised by the ingenious Trillion Fund and the inspiring Vivienne Westwood. This wasn’t your normal party, It was a solar powered party with a large array of solar panels on the roof and a big battery to power the DJ through the night. The aim of the event was to encourage people to invest and support renewable energy projects across the UK, and Solar Schools was one of the lucky projects to be featured.

Before you ask, no the schools weren't out partying, we were. Though, actually we weren't really partying, we were working hard to tell as many people as possible about Solar Schools and secure some extra donations for our hard working schools. 

Amy, from the Solar Schools team was invited to stand up in front of the wide eyed crowd for just 3 minutes to explain the project and encouarage the guests to donate to our cause. This was quite the ask considering that Solar Schools was the only project not offering a return on investment.

But, as always she wowed the crowd with her enthused speech (personally, I think the scottish accent always helps too) to secure enough donations for each of our 15 new Solar Schools to receive £50. A welcomed boost to their fundraising efforts in these first few weeks.

On the night, we also spent some time chatting individually to guests, telling them all about the project and asking them to wish our schools luck - by signing our chalkboard!  Nicola Roberts from Girls AloudLilah Parsons from MTV and world renowned snowboarder, Nicolas Müller were all more than happy to get signing.

So, thank you to Trillion Fund and Vivienne Westwood for inviting us, thank you to the generous party goers who donated and thanks to the Solar Schools for being so marvellous.

The best trip ever! Solar School means solar farm

On July 4th, I joined an intrepid troop of year 4 students from St Bart's school in Brighton to venture to Dunsfold Solar farm for Solar Independence Day celebrations, courtesy of Solar Schools sponsor Good Energy.

Sporting our yellow Good Energy tops - a very fitting colour for the location and the weather - we had a bit of a Q&A on the journey, where students answered all sorts of questions about solar energy, solar farms and general sunny facts. They were especially amazed that in just one hour, the earth receives more energy from the sun than we could use in a whole year! Just when I thought the day could well have peaked somewhat prematurely, we drove into the field and wonder ensued!

"There were thousands of panels, all slanted!"

We were joined by Mark, one of the Lightsource team who own the solar farm, who gave the students a tour of the site. He started with the basic facts, explaining the sun's energy through the medium of a solar powered grasshopper that danced when the sun hit it, naturally. 

We were then lead round the farm, learning all about the panels and exactly how they work, why they're slanted (this allows them to absorb more of the suns energy), what the big yellow boxes do (invertors which make the energy produced suitable for our elecricity grid) and the purpose of the fans - turns out we weren't the only ones at risk of overheating!

 "When it's overheating they turn it down - there's a fan in the yellow box."

Sheltering from the midday sun under the panels,  we ate our lunch before learning about the biodiversity of the farm. Mark explained that the solar farms don't just generate huge amounts of clean energy, but they're working hard to be important spaces for biodiversity too. Plus, we learned that some farms provide grazing space as well as electricity, for sheep and even alpacas. 

"The sheep lie under the panels for shade."

Lightsource often have meadows and wildflowers to ensure that biodiversity is maintained on the farms - working with their own seed farmer to tailor to each site - so the pupils were encouraged to do a bit of wildlife spotting. With hindsight, releasing a bunch of excited, chatty 8 year olds may not have been that conducive to spotting shy fauna... 

It was a great day out for all, there's nothing like a dancing solar bug and some sunshine to amp up the learning! In fact, the pupils loved it so much that once back on the bus they declared it 'the best trip ever". High praise indeed!

Fitzmaurice fly over the finish line!

On the 22nd October 2013, the team at Fitzmaurice primary launched their Solar Schools efforts with a whole school assembly. Now, just eight months later, they've engaged their entire community, featured in the Bath Chronicle more times than you can count and most importantly, reached their £16,000 target. Actually, they haven't just reached their target, they have flown over it with £17,000 now in the bank and more coming.

We thought it only fitting to give them one more shot of the Solar Schools Superstar crown to celebrate!

Richard Craft, one of the team coordinating the project at the school, took some time off from firing party poppers to talk to us about the project and what it feels like to be finito.

You're finished! First things first, how have you and the team been celebrating? 

Nothing yet, really, we're just trying to take it all in.  The Solar School Team is going to have a champagne meal at Diana's house
sometime over the next few weeks; we'll have a grand opening when the installation has taken place and invite all our sponsors and donors etc.  There is a school picnic after school on the last day of term, so we'll probably do something then as well.  I did a little spot this week with the children in assembly - ceremonial placing of the last few stickers on our "Solar School Pole" that has been in Christine's shop.

As your final fundraising event of the year you had an amazing auction of promises which raised over £3,500. What was on offer on the night to make this possible?

So many things to list! We had over 65 lots on offer from all sorts of people in the local community and beyond. The highest grossing bid went for a date with Gavin Henson, and went for a whopping £910! 4 nights at Shooting star Lodge in Zanzibar went for £220. Others lots included a coaching session for 30 kids with Lewis Moody 4 hour canal drip, tickets to the Eden project, a trip to the local cinema in a limousine and a cake a month for a year!

You've really mastered fundraising, social media and press this year. What advice do you have for new schools joining the project, to help them fly ahead, just like you?  

Number one is to be totally committed to the idea; it won't just happen, you have to put in a lot of energy and thought into it; if you do this you'll be surprised at the response you get from people you've never even heard of before. Get a good team around you, making sure one is an enthusiastic school governor and another an equally enthusiastic member of the Parents Association with different skills and strengths (identify these first), keep it fluid and not too formal and have fun. We had a few meetings at the start but most of the work and organising was done by e-mail, phone and the occasional coffee.  

Identify where you're going to advertise and who's going to do what - we used Twitter, Facebook, local weekly papers (Wiltshire Times and Bath Chronicle), local monthly community newsletter The Gudgeon, local climate change newsletter (I happened to be the one who writes it, which is a great advantage!)  Most of all, don't be too precious in the team about the role you have, cross fertilisation is good and paths often crossed but nobody got upset, we just put it down to enthusiasm and never lost sight of our aim; bickering/moaning just saps energy and diverts you.

Just eight months of fundraising has seen 150 donations uploaded to your website - What would you like to say to your donors and supporters?  

A massive thank you for their support. It's a project that will benefit the whole Bradford on Avon community, not just the school, in their quest to become Carbon Neutral by 2050.  You have made a very positive contribution to the local community and the planet in general!

The school pupils have really thrown themselves into the fundraising efforts this year, do you have any pupil highlights to share with us? 

The way they (and their parents and staff) engaged in the 'Sunhats and Shades' non-uniform day on a miserable wet and cold day back in February.  The way all the children responded to the renewable energy day during the school science and technology week when we were able to bring local experts in to the school to speak to the children; Kevin's Tesla electric car being driven in the playground was a huge hit - and Kevin loved it as much as the children!

Organised as ever, you already have your installation plans in place. Do you have any advice for other schools as they begin the search for an installer too? 

Get 'ball park' quotes right from the start, as soon as you are accepted onto the scheme.  This gives you a strong indication of how much you need to raise and a good installer will be able to look at your roof and identify any potential roof issues right from the beginning.  Find out if you have any 'experts' in the community who could advise you and even recommend installers.

We are lucky in the Climate Friendly BoA is well ahead of the game and knew of several installers.

What are your top tips for getting the whole community involved in the project? 

Try to dream up events that anyone from the town can take part in and invite them along, as with the Table Tennis Marathon - Town Council, other schools, sports clubs, Preservation Trust, Chamber of Commerce, etc.

Check Twitter daily and keep people bang up to date - build up momentum and keep this going; thank anyone who's re-tweeted; get a number of people on Twitter to re-tweet everything for you to help spread the word, ditto Facebook (I'd not used Twitter or Facebook previous to the SS project!)  

We were lucky in that Christine's Sustainable Supermarket is smack bang in the middle of town and became very much the focus for people not directly involved with the school - she put up posters for us, displayed the 'Pole' in her window and had a collection box on her counter as well as a very persuasive manner!!!  

If your town/village has a climate change group or is a Transition Town, get them involved right from the beginning to work out what they can do to help you.  They will be only too pleased to be asked to contribute to a project that totally fits their aims and objectives.

What has been your overall highlight of the Solar Schools project? 

The sprint to the finish line once we'd passed the £10,000 mark, it all happened so quickly it was just a blur and seemed to be all over in a flash. Any uncertainty over whether we would reach the target just evaporated and we became 100% confident we'd do it. Also the number of new people I've met, in a very positive way - parents, town residents, organisations, etc.

You have 5 words to describe the past 8 months - go!  

Fun, exhausting, exhilarating, entertaining, rewarding.
Solar Schools is all about getting the community involved and Fitzmaurice have gone above and beyond to do so a truly amazing effort from the team at Fitzmaurice, the students and the local community - CONGRATULATIONS, enjoy the champagne team!

Banner photo: Haymarket solar

The most successful (and first ever) Solar Schools Awards


On Friday the 20th June, children at Ilmington primary in Warwickshire and St Vincent’s in Liverpool were showered with praise and applauses in the first ever Solar Schools awards.

All of the schools taking part in the project were invited to make nominations in the categories of Best Eco club and Best Individual Pupil Effort (Solar Schools Superstar). After some serious deliberation, the worthy winners were selected:

Best Eco Club: The hard working year 6’s at Ilmington
Best Individual Pupil Effort: Innovative rapper, Mahmood at St Vincent’s.


On the day itself, Amy and I jetted (trained) off to celebrate with the schools and award them with their special certificates and Solar Schools medals – yeah that’s right, MEDALS! 

Amy had the pleasure of visiting the fabulous team at St Vincent’s, Liverpool, where they're using the Solar Schools project to prepare and educate their students for green jobs in the future. Our worthy winner, Mahmood Hansroot is the perfect example of that in action. 

Mahmood, who is both visually and hearing impaired, has excellent communication skills which he wanted to put to use to great use - raising awareness about the Solar Schools project at his school. Demonstrating a whole host of employable skills, he teamed up with local band Ukebox and staff from Capita to create this rapping masterpiece. With hundreds of YouTube views already under his belt, Mahmood is hoping his efforts will lure in the donors and take St Vincent's closer to their target. 

How could we not give this award to Mahmood?! Not only is his commitment and passion to the project evident, but he put a huge range of skills to great use to produce a film which is informative and fun – perfectly in keeping with the style of the Solar Schools project! It’s an absolute honour to be coming up to Liverpool to present him with his accolade!
— Amy Cameron

Whilst Amy was venturing up north, I went out west to Warwickshire (and got quite the grand tour, stopping by the tallest point in the county!) to visit the delightful Ilmington Primary.  Anna Pike, project coordinator at the school, had nominated the year 6 students for their incredible efforts. They organised their very own sponsored swim and a biathlon which saw them run around their village for over an hour – no mean feat! Combined, these events raised over £2,000! 

Parents, donors and local community members had all come along to celebrate with the children and enjoy some of the delicious Solar Schools cakes on offer. Anna, the project coordinator at the school, and I handed out the students certificates and medals and listened to the amazing nomination poem – an ingenious way to fill the 200 word limit for nominations. One dedicated student even hobbled up to the front of the class on her crutches – she got an extra round of applause for that!

Having hit their target, Ilmington are in the process of finalising their installation – exciting times! If all goes well, they'll be installing over the summer so their panels can start lapping up some of the summer sunshine!
Both Amy and I had a great day celebrating with the pupils, staff and community members that joined the day. A huge thank you to the schools for taking part in the day, inviting us along and just being so wonderful. We’ve loved watching you progress this year and look forward to seeing those panels go up soon!
Round of applause for Mahmood and the year 6’s please!

Ilmington’s student led success earns them the prestigious “Solar Schools Superstar” title!

We’re very happy to announce that the wonderful Ilmington School in Warwickshire is our Solar Schools Superstar this week!

Ilmington is a small village school with just 103 students, but demonstrating that age-old adage of quality over quantity, these pupils are powering the project forward towards their £17,000 target! Since launching just a few weeks back, they’ve already challenged themselves with a sponsored silence and a cake bake. Sam, aged 6, donned his wonderful wizard outfit and set up an innovative conker shy that raised £56! Events in the pipeline include a student-led sponsored swim in January and a school-led sponsored football shoot-out. 

Their most recent event was a fabulous biathlon which raised over £1600, pushing them over the £2000 milestone!  15 parents and friends cycled 50 long miles and 12 children ran around the village for an hour. Tom (aged 10), Joe (aged 6) and Charlie (aged 11) ran solidly for the whole hour – they deserve some extra applause I think! Naturally, everyone was rewarded for their efforts with some biscuit sunshine medals - delicious!

It’s fair to say that it’s been, and will continue to be, a jam packed few months, but the children are loving every minute of it. We spoke to Anna Pike, a parent  involved in the Ilmington efforts, to find out more about her experiences of Solar Schools so far:

What was your incentive to join the Solar Schools project?

We wanted to feel like we were doing something good to reduce our carbon footprint and get the next generation involved at the same time. I have three children at the school and I felt the Solar Schools project would enable them to get incentivised and excited about a topic that will be so important for them in the future.

What has been the highlight of your Solar Schools experience so far?

Having wanted to get involved in this project to excite the students, I am pleased to say that my highlight has been their reaction. I introduced the project in an assembly and later received an email from a mum informing me her child had described me as ‘a hero’. This shows just how enthusiastic the children are. They’re organising their own events all the time, ice cream sales, cake sales, running in our recent Biathlon and all credit must go to them for their astounding enthusiasm. 

How have you been spreading the word at Ilmington?

Ilmington is a small rural village so it has mainly been through word of mouth to individuals, rather than through businesses at the moment, although, the local pub has pledged its support! We have printed information in the parent’s newsletter and are enjoying sharing our stories on Facebook and Twitter

If you could give one tip to a new Solar School, what would it be? 

Don’t give up! In spite of the barriers, especially if you’re part of a small team, just keep at it! We’re not there yet but we definitely will be soon!

If the whole world were listening and you had just 140 characters to win their donations (& hearts), what would you say to WOW them? 

The 103 kids at Ilmington School are bursting with enthusiasm trying to raise money for solar panels, please help them reach their goal!

That’s all from us, but well done Ilmington, keep up the good work! 

Biathlon (6)-1500.jpg

1000 pupils skipping, skating and scooting towards solar!

This Friday 5th, around 1000 children across England are scooting, skating, skipping and staying silent for as long as they can in aid of bringing clean energy to their school!

The pupils from Little Kingshill Combined School, Courthouse Junior School and New Mills Business and Enterprise College will be calling on relatives and friends to sponsor their efforts and help raise the cash they need to take their school a step closer to their fundraising target! After a year filled with bake sales, bungee jumps, business support and bingo nights, the children taking part are hoping that Friday’s fun might just allow them to join our rapidly rising number of finishers!

Our pupils really care about our school and the environment and they’re so excited about installing solar panels. After a year filled with fundraising, they can’t wait to do their bit this Friday! Our sponsored Scoot&Skate will be lots of fun and should hopefully make a big dent in the £3,745 we still need to raise!
—  Helen McCammond, teacher, Little Kingshill Combined School

Since launching last October, the 29 schools taking part in Solar Schools this year have collectively raised over £140,000. With the end of term now just weeks away, they’re hoping to stump up several thousand more, allowing them to install solar panels over the summer.

Each school taking part uses an innovative combination of online and offline fundraising techniques to hit ambitious targets, while at the same time bringing their whole community together to learn about energy and climate change in a totally new way. This Friday, three of those schools are hosting sponsored events in tandem. From whole schools of skipping students to handfuls of silent teenagers, the pupils will be challenging themselves to do their bit to help their school tackle climate change.

For lots of the schools, pupils were the driving force behind getting involved in the project and they’ve been wowing us with their efforts throughout. With targets looming ever closer, we’re not surprised they want to do everything they can to see their solar dreams become reality!
— Amy Cameron, 10:10

Break out the sun dance, we have our first finisher - Barnes Primary School!

Every donation added to the Solar Schools website takes a school closer to becoming a flagship for clean energy in their community. And each new face proudly displaying their support is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the huge amount of activity going on at all of our schools. So, it makes sense that each time a new supporter, business or event appears it's cause for celebration.

But, some donations come with just a little more fanfare than others. On Wednesday 23rd January, after 14 weeks of hard work, incredible community buy-in, and a string of events that would put Time Out to shame, Barnes Primary uploaded the profits from a snowy sponsored run and smashed through their fundraising target! We now have the first finisher of the national roll out, and they couldn't be more thrilled with the support the project has been shown. 


The level of enthusiasm and motivation that pupils, parents and donors have demonstrated has been just fantastic. We hope to fit our solar panels to the key stage one roof over the Easter holiday. We want to maximise our energy saving over the summer months. Thank you everyone for making solar panels at Barnes Primary a reality.
— Mr Mark Hartley, Headteacher

Solar Schools provides the training, support and resources that teams at schools across England and Wales need to crowdfund the cost of installing solar panels. Dedicated volunteers attend trainings, trawl through 'how-to-packs' and get to grips with their page on the Solar Schools website... and then the hard work begins. So just how did Barnes do it?

  • They put having fun at the top of their to do list. Fundraising (and generally tackling climate change!) can be a tough slog, the least you can do is let people wear their pyjamas...
  • They made it easy for everybody to get involved. From regular communcations, through inclusive events to loose change collections, absolutely every pupil (and hopefully parent) at Barnes has been given the chance to be part of something incredibly exciting.  
  • Through Solar Schools (and 10:10), we provide the tools and support people need to make things happen in their communities. Barnes are an incredible example of taking those tools and applying them in a way that works for them. It's the same approach that we can all take to carbon cutting - we can't do everything, all of the time, but we can make strategic decisions towards doing our bit. 

So, what does hitting a fundraising target mean - for Barnes and maybe, even for you? Well firstly, it means that before this summer (and all the sunshine that will bring... fingers crossed), a primary school in Richmond will start to cover a proportion of their electricity requirements with homegrown clean energy - a feat made possible by the support of the pupils, parents and community around them. The subsequent electricity bill savings and Feed-in Tariff payments the school will receive for the next 20 years, can be gratefully ploughed straight back in to the school, cushioning them against ever shrinking school budgets. And what of those cute pupils? They've witnessed first hand what can be achieved with hard work and passion. Now they get to learn in a little microcosm of positive action on climate change - a case study of the progress communities are taking towards a more sustainable future.

And for you? We hope that Solar Schools is just the beginning. The team at Barnes have worked their socks off on top of demanding school schedules because they care about the future of their young people - at school and beyond. Now, each of us can do our bit to ensure that those pupils grow up in a sustainable, low carbon UK - by reducing our own demand at home or at work, creating our own renewable power or keeping the pressure on parliament to clean up our ageing electricity grid.  

Roseberry Primary School gets a parliamentary shout out!

Solar Schools is all about demonstrating that across the UK, people are ready to show the kind of passion and commitment that's needed to create a more sustainable future. So, we were absolutely thrilled to see one of our schools - Roseberry Primary School in Billingham - getting the kind of recognition their hard work deserves.

Yesterday, during the second reading of the hugely important Energy Bill, their MP, Alex Cunningham, called on government to take note of Roseberry when considering the choices they make about the UK's energy future. 


The Energy Bill has a big role to play in securing a clean energy future for the UK, but without strong demonstrations of support for renewables from their constituents, MP's won't call on government to make the bold decisions we need. Thanks to Roseberry, not only did Alex Cunningham MP have a great example of clean energy in action, but he was able to speak up knowing he was representing the concerns and passions of his constituents. 

From raffles at the Three Horseshoe Pub to mentions in parliament - Roseberry Primary are spreading their sustainable message everywhere and setting exactly the kind of example we, and government, need. Some massively well deserved, festive congrats from all at the Solar Schools team!

We're going solar!

This blog post was written by Mary Shorland from E P Collier primary

In September we set ourselves a challenging fundraising target of £10,000 to allow us to install solar panels on the roof of our school. We’re very pleased to let you know that we’ve smashed our target and to do this just before Christmas is even better!

Taking this leap was always about engaging the community and the environmental and educational benefits of the Solar Schools project for our pupils. We’ve been amazed by the generosity of all our donors and thanks to the collective effort of the community, we’ve reached our target quicker than we could have expected. It’s been the most phenomenal morale boost for our school and community. A huge thank you to all those who took part.


Solar Schools roll of honour - part 1

From 2011 to 2016, 80 schools took part in our Solar Schools project to crowdfund the cost of their own solar roofs. Together they raised over £700,000 and installed over 2000 solar panels. 

The school teams worked their socks off to get their solar roofs, collecting donations from far and wide. From the 30p spent at a cake sale to the businesses giving hundreds of pounds - every generous donor owns a little part of the solar roof that they helped fund.

10:10 and each school would like to thank these donors for their support and lovely comments. Take a bow.

Solar Schools project friends and funders

Good Energy

The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation


The Tudor Trust


The Bertha Foundation

The Eranda Rothschild Foundation


Co-op Energy

Joju solar


All Saints and St Richards C of E Primary School

Good Energy

Stall at the Summer Festival 6th June

Stall at Horam Manor Fair

David Mattinson

Kirsty Steele

Jessica Sherlock

Charlotte Lewis

Stall and the Cuckoo Fair with the Friends of the School

Good luck. Great thing to do.
— Diana Gerard

Greenway Fruit Farm

Paul and Helen Lovatt Smith

Lisia Muller

The Traditional Cheese Company

Jakki Phillips

Mark Oliver

Nicky Dugard

Rachel Dunne 

Hoping for sunny days.
— Gregory Williams

Irene Curtis - Donated by her sisters visiting from Australia

Oakdown House

Dr and Mr Weeks

Heathfield Farmers' Market 21 May 2016

Unknown Kind Man

Allied Drinks

Quiz Night

British Airways Carbon Fund

Peter Gower

James Brown

Liam Backler

Anthea Miller

Solar School Team - Sale of Chutney, Christmas Marmalade Drinks at School

Nigel and Vicki Colne

Farmers Market Treasure Map

Jane Boyle

Thanks to the generous support of party goers at the Trillion and Vivienne Westwood solar party - good luck All Saint’s and St Richard C of E primary school!
— Trillion Fund Party goers


Broad Oak and Heathfield Festival - Money raised from our treasure map at the Broad Oak and Heathfield Festival Celebrating the Queen's 90th Birthday

Barclays - Thank you to Barclays for supporting us and fundmatching our Quiz Night.

Heathfield Whole foods - thank you to this amazing shop in Heathfield for the kind donation of £50

Sussex Police Property Fund - Thank you to the Police Property Fund and our local officer for nominating us.

Ashmole Primary School

Clothes Recylcing Bank at Ashmole

Karen Dawson

PSA Film Night

Ashmole Boot Fair

Ashmole Bonfire Night Party

Jessica Matthew

Brayley Small

Juliet Hobday

Darren Duquemin

Trillion Fund Party Goers

We had lots of fun raising money in the sunshine
— Ashmole Summer Fair 2014

WEEE Competition Prize

Ashmole Carol Singers

Rolfe Judd


Cauliflower Christmas Cards

Summer Term Cake Sales

Ashmole Summer Fair 2014

Ashmole Pre-loved Uniform Sale

A massive thank you to all the Children, Parents, Staff and Friends of Ashmole Primary school who went Carol singing.
— Ashmole Carol Singers

Avenue Primary School

Jana Mills

Rachel Abounouar

Adrian Chard

Clare Allen

Ron Harris

Elodie Vialleton

John & Shirley Rennie (from Charlie, Daisy & George's Granny & Grandad)

Judith Casson (from Mimi's Grampy)

Terry Bane on behalf of Bella Tomlinson

Alwyn Abraham

Jenny Jones

Lynn Bruges

Happy Solar Christmas to all at Avenue
— Rachel Abounouar

Duncan Reekie

Jan Grothusen

Wieland & Grisela Grothusen

Jessica Swann/Lanham

Laura Jeffcote

Oscar Grothusen

Green Community Fair

Solar Skip Sponsorship

Greenlight Event DMU

Easter Disco

Cradock Pub Quiz

Every Penny Counts

Spring cake sale

Carol & Stan Sourbutts

J Richard Snape

University of Leicester Environment Team volunteers

Morag Reekie

Freya Tyrer

David Bartram

Rebecca James

Ezmi Braithwaite

Oumnia Abounouar

Judith Casson

Dennis Casson

David Reekie

Cathy Brown

Da Capo

Ralph & John Eden

Paul Wilson

Vegan Fair

Jackson's Garage

Matthew Willars

Lati Wilson

Yan Hair

Green and Pleasant

Post Office

Salvador Deli


Cease Salon


Morellis's Barbers

Shops on Queens Road

Jeanette Holland


Lucas Harding-Cox

Kevin Skinner

Annika Burns

All Fours Garage

Casey, Olivia, Mia, Molly, Isaac, Molly, Oumnia, Stella and David

Donkey Gig

Plant Sale

Avenue Christmas Fair

Peter H

Jenny Carter

Queens Road Christmas Fair

Avenue Carol Concerts

SASK Optics

Genettee Hill


Mark Jeffcote

Avenue PTFA Summer Fair

Zena Bruges

Lynne Bruges

Knightsbridge Estate Agents

The Diamond-Wilkins Everest in Yorkshire Challenge

Helen Rennie

Liam Gretton

Yvonne Sensier

Linzi Abraham

Bella Tomlinson

Jonny Crawford

Jo Hollings

Alex Wilson

Elaine Carter

Graeme Stuart

Guidance Navigation

Pauline Thorburn

Charlie, Daisy & George Rennie

Robert Dennis

Rachel Machado

David Rennie

Nichola Hayes

Avenue Autumn Solar Cake Sale


Leone Bistro

W Archer & Son Butchers

Lucy Andrews

Naveeda Knopp

Ice lolly sale

Autumn Disco

Dos Hermanos

Knights Pharmacy

Kathryn Doughton

Suzanne Lavelle

Sara Priestley-Lavelle

Bob Gilmour-Evans

Paula Mena

Jo Wilton

Jeanette Emmerson

Mandy Davies

Claire Hill


Christine Lukes

Jasmin Sore

Barnes Primary School

Gail Farmer

Louis Tafler-Hyde

Saskia Maini

Agnes Eriksson

Malcolm & Ethan Morrow

Nadal Allana Hanif

Amber Class

Ed Gooze-Zijl

Millie Brownhill


Julia Andrews

Anna and Thomas Hall

Topaz Class

Class 4P

Class 4M

Class 6R

Class 1A

Class 1L

Class 2M

Class 3GC

Class 5GS


Louis Williams

Harry Williams

Isobel Durling

Scarlett, Lily, Aimee and Bella

Claire Welton

Gail Musson

Lucas Gray

Pinsent Masons Foundation

Rory & Colette Chapman

Susannah & Rubie Doyle

Joel Sather

Sammy Vosper

Ella & Emily Musson

The Wattams

Elizabeth Hobson

Alfie Webb

Mark Freeland

Tracy Karas

Molly and Daisy Smith

Helen Stone

Graham McMillan

Sophie Grimes

Jack & Lauren Hodgins


Parker Berry

Arwen and Zion Rogers


Louisa Borrett

Emma Morrison

Amber Singer

Rory Medeiros

Millie Harvey

Tom and Annie Williams

Millie Brownhill

Sophia Buckley

Poppy Drinkwater

Miles and Scarlett Patience

George Bell

James and Eloise Hodkinson

Olly Milward

Kate Hunt

Nick Robinson

Patricia Sanchez

Harry Haigh

Spencer Kelly

Amelia Oliver

Lucy Brett

Milo Farquhar

Jo Lucas

Mick Chippington

Angelica Ivic

Tammo Dop

Wieger Dop

Connie and Felix May

Jacob Ramsell

Janie Crompton

Eizabeth Hobson

Louis Pepper

Anna & Abbe Gross

Thomas Mountjoy

Will and Otto Fletcher

The Teesdales

Gabriel and Lucy

Arthur Cooke

Cassia and Oliver

Toby Woods

Madeline Carroll

Lesley Chalbot

Liv Burgess

Michelle Portundo

Agnes Eriksson

Sophie Renwick

Peter Dickinson

Cristinadel Grande

James Dalton

Sally Siddle

Barnes Primary Wear Something Sunny to School Day

The Burnetts

Nadal Allana Hanif

Topal Family

The Peppers

Andy Harmer

Orlando and Layla Smith

Molly Lavin

Joe Lavin

Milo Key

Emily Mali

Oli Richardson

Sadie & Demi Kilian

Aster Conway-Hughes

Hunter Sheehan

Florence Walder

Christy Whyte

Holly, Hannah & Joseph Oram Adams

Dennis Vergne

Jessie Williams

Charlotte & Sebastian Ha

Luca Harrison

Louie and Rose Bramsdon

Aoife and Tabitha Cumming


Stella Forrest

Joseph Lumsden

Lily Lumsden

Sue Dundas

Matilda Harvard-Walls

Rosa Singer

Christopher Stokes

Hunter Sheehan

The Big Sleepover

Jed Cubitt

Class 3O

Joshual and Olivia Exall

Mo Lessey

Kate Silverton

Jojo Lewis

Felix Douthett

William Pitt


Louis Pepper

Northbrook Wrapping Paper

Class 2C

Erika Helms

Cauliflower Art Christmas Cards


Christopher Stark

Zac Goldsmith

Amber Class

Lucy Eglinton

Charlie Eglinton

Tom Perrett

Camilla Garofalo

John Owen Waller

Class 2M

Class 2C

Class 2M

Class 1A


Topaz Class

Class 6R

Charlie Dalton

Class 4P

Class 5W

Class 1L

Class 5GS

Class 4M

Class 6G

Class 3O

Class 3GC

Madeline Carroll

Pippa Harkin

Florence Finch


David Thomas

John Lowit

Gumersindo Sanchez-Gomez

Damon Hart-Davis

Rory Medeiros

Susan and Dinesh Mehta

Yasmin Dhillon

Maneesh Dhillon

Matt Davis

Narinder Dhillon

Monty & Raffy Coope

Nicholas Berners-Price

Antonia Lord

Matt & Sam Edwards

Rachel Williams

Albert Moth

Susan Heenan

Clare Durling

Sabela and Mateo Lash

Tracey Obrien


Stephanie Dennis

Felix Reyburn

Miles & Scarlett Patience

Cecilia Ezaz-Nikpay

Aria Nikpay

Marie-Jos Budgen

Lucy &Alex

NoamSala Budgen


Jessica Banner

Klina Jordan

Varen Gowda

Emily O'Neill

Olivia Doland

Rosie Doland

Anna Freeland

Tom Perrett

Barnes Primary School

Louis Williams

Bella Williams

Poppy Grieve

Katherine Johnson

Connie Grancaric

Paul Greatholder

Leo Dioufas

Rebecca Hastings

Evie & Betsy Dornan

Damian Keogh

Joolia Dove

Thomas Purser

James Brown

Anne Stoddart

Jana Mills

Joanne Patience

Elizabeth & Georgie Pass

Emma Bevan

James Dalton

Louise Martin

Anna Freeland

Max & Oliver Dawson

Gabriella Bolokan

Carys Siddle

Mandy Hobson

Callum and Fraser Howarth

Benjamin Britten Music Academy and Centre of Excellence in Mathematics

Marcus Wright

Paul Kinnard

Della Ames

Hazel Blackburn

Gayle Russell

Lesley Behan

Katie Ballam

Amy Ringer

David Boatman

Naomi Wright

Glynis Sinclair

Anthony Vaughan-Evans

Claire Galeski

Adam Humphry

Asha Thoppil

Andrew Hine

Andy George

Gary Pickering

Alex Beaumont

Natasha Weston

Katie Pantelli

Janet Moule

Expressive Arts

All the wonderful Benji staff

Ashley Marsh

Billy Donachie

Benjamin Britten High School

Vicki Brown

Sarah Reynolds

Mark Butler


Tracy Winney

Neil Winney

Richard Dean

Keith Leech

Alexander Cross

Kirsty Cross

Jayne Nunn

Marcus Conquest

Dave Smith

Robert Harris

annonymous Co-operative Energy customer

Dawn Watson

Karen Freeman

Jane Murray

Guys Carpets

Christine Lee

David Mullender

Bryony Blaxell

Annie Laker

Madeline Carroll

Debbie Greenard

Gary Champion

Shirley Tarboton

Emily Wright

Alice Hunter

Mr Leech, Mr Mcdonald Mr Pinnick-Smith

Dan Self

Bill Belton

Mellory Turner

Gary Champion


Joanne Barber

Lord Court

D Flanagan

Edmund Harrison

H Fisher

Gary Champion

Susan Champion

Ellie Barnes

Julie Mercer

Aynur Yasar

Dom Winney

Neve Winney

Eleanor Hevey

Craig Rye

Sophie Rose

Ed Leech

Joseph Knight

Gary Champion

Margaret Schonfeldt

Gary Champion

Steph Dickson

Debra Dixon

Steph Dickson

Lea Court

Denis Flanagan

Rachel Andrews

Christine Overy

Alex Sweetman

Sharon Trindall

Jim Ward

Calstock Community Primary School

Jo Thomas-Hegarty

Rosie Brennan

Pete Thompson

Malika Love

Cortney Molesworth

Tarik and Tegen Young

Elleathea and Freya Hardy

Danielle Wood

Julia Pollard

Good Energy

Hanson Heidelberg Cement Group

Parnalls Solicitors, Launceston

HorizonHome Improvements

Peters Langsford Davies Solicitors

Bond Timber

Lorna Lunn

Albaston Fete Committee

Nina of Calstock

John and Karen

Howton Contractors Ltd Pillaton, Saltash

Sue Torrance

Margaret Knight

Barry Kirkman

Calstock Bike Festival


J&M Mortimer Sequoia Nurseries

Bex Pitman

Ian Jacobs

Pearce's Community Fund

Tanya Gabb

Parents and Carers

Eco Committee

Rosezeeta Dos Santos

Ann Alford

Chris Stacey

Cllr Dorothy Kirk

Anne Austen

Toby Callen

Malika Love

Calstock News

Alison Knight

Abi Gee

Joe, Harvey and Noah Randle

Rosa Whalley

Dr Bike

Calstock School Association

Calstock Unicycling Club

Gummee Glove

John Clements

Ali Knight


School fundraising

Emma Kemp

Gavin Randle

Helen Randle

Trillion Fund Party goers

Julia Pollard

Brian Wharmby

Carolyn Welch

Margaret Knight

Alec Mackonochie

Barry Kirkman

Julie Wilson

Calstock Parish Council

Calstock School Association

Banfield-Earp Family

Claire and Steve Darbyshire

Tanya Gabb

Calstock Christmas Lights Committee

Austin Wilson

Beverley and Lisa Calstock News editors

Jodine O'Donoghue

William Southcott

Bluebell Yoshihara-Coles

Hattie and Alice Pollard

Nye Whalley

Lily Russell

Max Stephenson

Angela Newberry

Lindsay Shirra-Barker

Carrington Primary School

TES Global

Hannah Clarkson Webb

Ruth Lancastle

M&S Energy Fund

Mrs D A Wakelin

James Urqhart

Chris Cooke

Dalbir Bath

Jenny Trante

Mark Cheeseman

Heather Bennett

Fareed Hussein

Alex Kosogorin

Emma Crimes

Kris Romaniuk

Andrew Phillips

Carrington Fun Runners

Friends of Carrington Shrek Refreshments

Robins & Day Peugeot.

Cecily Spelling

Arun Paterson

Richard Clarkson Webb

Holger SchnÌ-delbach

Sai Mrithun

Guess the weight of the cake

Richard Clarkson Webb

Roger Clarkson Webb

Carrington Primary

Fred Paterson

A Paterson

Sarah Craggs

Al-munir Malik

Hobsons Accountants

Michael Kemp

Zara Cheeseman

Hazel Thompson

Reuben Tao

Emma Tao

Jane O'Connell

Catfield C of E Primary

Ben Evans

Richard Bottomley

LIs Walker

Bun Godfrey

Adrian Chard

Stephanie Boyd

Alice Hunter

Angie Johnson


Solar Schools roll of honour - part 2

From 2011 to 2016, 80 schools took part in our Solar Schools project to crowdfund the cost of their own solar roofs. Together they raised over £700,000 and installed over 2000 solar panels. 

The school teams worked their socks off to get their solar roofs, collecting donations from far and wide. From the 30p spent at a cake sale to the businesses giving hundreds of pounds - every generous donor owns a little part of the solar roof that they helped fund.

10:10 and each school would like to thank these donors for their support and lovely comments. Take a bow.

Charlestown Academy

Fundraising at Charlestown

School governors donation


Stephen Gibson

Adrian Phillips

Marie Blackbeard

Christow Community Primary School


Kate Broughton


Nomadic Travel

Ruth Parkin

Nathan Bushell

Austins Department Store

Grand Spring Draw

Leaf Street & Lush

Mike and Celia Bloomfield

Grand Spring Draw

David Lamoon

Jonty Ridge

Adrian Sargood

Christow Resident

Paul French

Audrey Compton

Ted & Annette Clapton

Mary Roddick

Rebecca & Andrew Wells

Dick & Lesley Holmes

Penny Avant

Dom Hollingsworth

Bruce Wright

Martyn Bragg

Penelope Putz

David Lamoon

Edward Chapman

Nick Cotter

Mel Stride MP

Jennie Coles

Joe Hitchings

Penny Putz

Will Baker Morrison

Jane Baker

Zippy Baker Morrison

Dartmoor Circle


David Hilton

Karen Gervers

Adrian Canvin

Paul Thompson

Giles Beauchamp

Christmas Fair

Julia Saunders

Sarah Horsman

Ruth Parkin

Nick Soley

Christmas Disco

Greener Teign

David Lamoon

Madeline Carroll


Stuart Doderer

Nathan Bushell

Pipers Farm

Isla Bloomfield

Fiona Freshney

Sol Bloomfield

Tom Dobbs

Bonnie Bloomfield

Nick Cotter

Ted & Jinty Freshney

Peter Yeo

Emma Mountjoy

Matt Jones

Klina Jordan

Joe Hitchings

Helen Corbett

Chris and Mike Rosenbloom

Rosemary Mantell

Shira Rub

Charley Sweet

Greener Teign

Helen Chessum

Ruth Parkin


Ruth Parkin

Constantine Pre School

Chris Hussey

Sandra Boreham

Planet Cooler

Richard Hoggett

Constantine Carriage Company

Landstone Construction

Mary Vyvyan

Nigel Murray

Rachel Murray

Barbara Pugh

Trillion Fund Party goers

Douglas Jeffries

Richard D Hopper

Simon Allen

Courthouse Junior School

Julie Smith

Matthew Firth

Simon May

Victoria Harris

Fiona Wells

Rachel Cook

Kirstin Parker

Yuonne Grant

Derek Holland

Simon Smith

David Johnston

Peter George



Jane Woodward

Andy Broadbent

Alan Berry

Amy & Katie Slater

Ian Runcie

Jessica Bookman

Laura Americanos

Solar Cake Sale

Xanthe Ashe

Georgia McAdam

Mrs Stevenson

Tom, Tyler William & Thabani

School Reception Donations

Louisa May

Matt and Kirstie Cook

Courthouse Cake Sale

Sarah Pounde

Maxine Wood

All Saints Church Maidenhead

Jake Cooper

Carol Juffs

Andrew Jobson

Maria Wray

Sandy Isted

Mothers Day Collection

Roberta Ritter

Christine Cooper

Councillor Kathy Newbound

Muppets Inc

Lynn May

Karen Wespieser

Ian Davidson

Suzy Ralphs

Sheila Gwilliam

Michaela Benbow

Liza Bailey

Rebecca Wright

Eric Sun

Harry Wright

Bronwyn Oliver

Lucy Lamond

Justin Fahy

Natasha Cook

Skip-a-thon Fundraiser

Richard Burdett

Hilda Dsouza

Alwyn and Courthouse PTA

Gerry Heynes

Patrick & Rachael McMaster

Systems Link

Findley, Ellen, Hanne and David Main

Florence and Jemima Ridley

Gillian Healey

Naomi & Fiona Sanderson

John Cuva

Lynn Bushell

J Lonsdale

Alwyn & Courthouse PTA

Alicja Malecka

Samantha Loftus

Cake Sale

Evie and Chloe Pittaway

Toby Ralphs

CaterLink Ltd

Jo, Charlie, Christopher and Katie Berger

Katie Sylvester

Alwyn and Courthouse PTA

Joanne Hay

Black Berry RIM

Thames Valley Sports

Benjamin Osborne

Hattie and Tessie H

Waitrose Community Matters Fund

Peter and Lynn May

Kathy Newbound

Crossdale School

The Bemrose Family

Pat Harvey

Simon Oliver

Jacob & Phoebe Roe

Crossdale PTA

Gerald & Alison Pegg

Crossdale School

Mick Stevenson

Sam Boote

Friends ofCrossdale (PTA)

Crossdale Wednesday Club

Tim and Matthew Flint

Alison & Gerald Pegg

Mr & Mrs Blagden

Crossdale PTA

Matthew & James England

Matthew Farrant

Wanda Crosby

Stan Hibbert

William Brown

Friends of Crossdale

Crossdale PTA

Daniel Tagg

John Cottee

Christine & Stephen Cross

Claire Shipman

Anonymous Crossdale Parent!

Jonathan Akerman

Gary Thompson

The Bellamy Family

Joe Martocch

David Banks

Marlow Photographic

Michael Bassey

Heidi Proven


Rachel Cox

Gareth Mate

Susan Cuttell

Candy Phoenix

Caroline Gray

E&G Rickards

Amanda Gunther

Andy Hopkin

Eve Bennett

Allie Stewart

Daniel Stewart

Vincent Seviour

Jean & Alan Cooper

Alice Hunter

Experian UK

Jesus Capel Luna

Anjela Kuszyk

Nic Rodgers

Chloe Beckett

Matty Beckett

Sarah Maston

Chris Cox

Crossdale PTA

Trish & Geoff Witcomb

Derek & Janeth Fairholme

Ruth Atkinson

Karen Boersma

Drove Primary School

Mechteld Blake-Kalff

Trillion Fund Party goers

E.P. Collier Primary School

Devante Nursery

Comedy Evening

Mrs Gladwell

Peter Brett Associates

Amy Cameron

Paige & Lyndsey Redford

Gunging and cake sale

Reading Football Club ticket sales

Marie Hunter

Nicholas Jones

Rosy Townsend

Laurent Talbot

Mick Dann

Phyllis Martin

Sophie Brown

Robert Stein-Rostaing

Betty Harris

Simon Beaufoy

Holly Skeet

Family Mifflin

The Edgar Milward Charity

Philip Corlett

Charlotte Payne

Steve Kulka

Christmas Disco

Patrick McLoughlin

Photography Scotland

KCOM Group

Asms Ltd

Janelle Dunbar

Manju Shrestha

Arathi Chandrashekhar

Ajay Dhaliwal

Aryan Dhaliwal

Rahul Dhaliwal

Leon Haralambous

Leanna House

Sara-Jaaynee Stevens

Emily Stevens

Richfields Cafe

Anna McMenamin

Jacqueline Page

Ron & Gladys Adams

Carol Prior

Paul Sutton


Bhisma Lama

Smriti Shrestha

Naresh Pudasaini

Ganesh Lama

Sham Lama

Alexandra Elliott

Barry Brown

Renu Thapa


M Salman Siddique

Usman Khan

Zubair Anis

Salman R Khan

Stewart Osler

William Osler

Jean Osler

George Osler-Gilbert


Chandra Kumar Shrestha

Bishal Rai

Sue Soper

Veena Patil

David Pozter






Nimisha Mehta

Pallavi Shukla

Shanta Gurung

Ganga Gurung

Hamlata Gurung

Lalita Gurung

Priya Gurung

Ganga Prasad Gurung

Jerome Hayes

Maureen Elliman

Linda Rumble

Hayley Rumble

Brandon & Kieran Chaplin

Kristy Hicks

Hetal Parikh

Tejal Parikh

Gopal Thapa

Paul Tarnoczky

Laila Juma

C Madden

Sashank Putigampu

Hitesh Putigampu

Sashi Lama


Cheryl Luff

Praveen Botchu

Melissa Benham

Jackie Bishop

Ranaoddim Rai

Chocolate Tombola

Rachel Gasowski

Jan Digby

Ivan Somerville

William Bugler

Malachi Chadwick

Hayley Elliman

Beverley Taylor

Luan Hand

The Shorland Family

Zain Ahmed

Bertie Bassett

Mr Taylor

Sandbag Ltd

Stuart & Eef McPherson

Laiba Khawar

HgO Consultancy

Susan Arnold

Catharine Morris

Joshua Brown-Beckles

Max the blue Persian

Judith Still

InstaGroup Ltd

The Moderation

Miss Edmunds

Mr Lee

Merlinthe Tabby

Paul Tyack

Josh Wyndham-Kidd

Justin Williamson

Keith Penton

Moira Redmond

James Moore

Justine Mcminn

Vickie Abel

Aisha Hussain

Joshua Browne-Beckles

Hannah Cooper

John Leston

Standard Tandoori Nepalese Restaurant

Curry and Quiz Night

David Swales

Joe Feltham

Textiles Collection

Eco Committee Recycling Competition Winners!

on form sculpture

Brian & Yvonne Elliott

Annabelle Elliott

Lana Elliott

Matthew Elliott

Tony Burford

Raja Ram Thapa

Khusi Ale

Iria Rodriguez

Saul Rodriguez

Miguel Rodriguez

Nuria Bejarano

Christine Bates

Sue Wicks

Solar School Disco

Solar School Disco

Gravity Personnel

Martine Browne

Greyfriars Church

New Hope Community Church




Chuni Lama

Dilkumari Limbu

Bhagay Rai

Dasharath Rai

Jill Hunt

Samantha Treadwell

Sam Warren

James Curley

Clare Thomson

Bulb Sale

Anita Gurung

Til Bahadur Gurung

Kerisha Lovelock

A Lovelock

Pauline Haughton

Hayley Rumble

Emma & LiamSwann

Sheila Hunter



Gita Thapa

Nal Khan


Phil Howarth

Susie Daniels

Liam Robinson

Valerie Robinson

ParentSpace Donation

Butterbur and Sage

Kevin Lijamol

Janelle Dunbar

Joe Feltham

Christmas Shopping Evening

Advent Calendar Sale

Prasanth Penubaka

Saiqa Ishfaq

Shaik Shabna

Eastwood Primary School

Chris Livemore

Kamil Pachalko

Ford Britain Trust

BMW Donation

Waitrose Community Scheme

Geographical Association

Mark Oliver

Eleanor Palmer Primary School

Angela Ross

Eugene Achermann

James Morris

Anthony O'Kane

Dr Wanda Wyporska

Solar Film Night!

Foreign Currency Collection

Solar money collection box

Kier Construction

Mike Perera

Tom Jenkins

BAM Nuttall

Waitrose, Holloway Road

Gift Aid!

Barbara Kozinska

Alan Hayling

Kim Esposito

Leo Elstob

Jane Gillie

Louise Dobson

Bernadette Kennedy

Brand Trust

Johanna Rosendaal

Kajal Hesamy

Alice Proffitt

Clio Proffit

Johanna Rosendaal

Jane Burkitt

Phoebe Knight

Theodora Knight

Alan Hayling

Yael Mer

Meat NW5

Blue Moon Thai Restaurant

Cinnamon Village Cafe NW5

Maria Stegenwalner

Jane Gillie

Lorna Mikhelson


DH Roberts Pharmacy

Sun Dry Cleaners

Chris Ruocco Tailors

Coin Laundry

Extra Christmas Decorations

Vicky Roebuck

The Junction Tavern

Icon Film Distribution


Sarah Ewins

James Gregory

The Teague Family

Scarlett Connolly

SJ Batkin

The Perrett Family

The Shah Family

The Salingers

Sasha Haylings Parents

Easter Art & Crafts at Greene & Co.

Elodie Kenworthy


Lewis Murphy

Cathy Brady

The Rowans

Reece Regis

Waitrose Camden Community Matters

Abigail Price

Arielle Morris

The Smiths

The Thomas'

Bob Penn

Allen and Overy

Sarah Ewins

Pietro Fratta

Ice-Cream Mondays!

Sarah Ewins

Kate Frood

Tania Voaden

Nenad Bogojevic

Rob Blishen

Tim Peake

Amy Bowles

John Achermann

Ian O'Gara

Richa Gupta

Stephanie Firth

Martina Johnson

Tiffanie Spicer

Gerd Habenicht

Domini Stallings

Samantha Sidaway

Lily-Grace Ng

Alice R.

Alice Barling Gasson

Vesna Cudic

Dan Chamberlain

Julia Hollis

Arlo Gillespie

Tillie Dawson

Tamsin Salinger

Tanya Shillingford

Molly Rose and Alana Corrigan

Helen Bodger

Alison Hall

Mark Peters

Alexandra Moen

Flora Cornish

Henry Bowen

Annabelle Williams

Rifca Le Dieu

Elena Irimie

Hanna Gillgren

A S H Beattie

Christelle Barnett

Solene Rowan

Debbie Bourne

Children of Eleanor Palmer

David Platt

90 Degrees Picture Framing

Launderette - 145 Fortess Road

Brendan at Jonathan Norris

Lee at Jonathan Norris

Rustique Literary Cafe NW5

Families of Eleanor Palmer

Fiona Clarke

Sarah Benioff

Rachel Salama

Ian O'Gara

Solar Wrist Bands

Christmas Decorations

Nina Rusowicz

Sarah Benioff

Year 5 Parents!

Carol Service Donations

Peter Goldsmith

Granny & Pop

Royle Insurance

Ian O'Gara


Solar Film Night

Dress Up for Blue Monday!

Mark Pemberton


Kellie McCaughan

Fundraising at Tanya Byron Talk

Gregory Williams

Steven Price

Kate Frood

Solar Cake Sale

Mark McDonald

The Buckleys

Ellistown Community Primary School

Friends of Ellistown Primary School

Jewellery Recycling

Bulb Planting Day Friday 19th October

Halloween Disco

Salle of Sausage cobs to Staff

Electract Limited

East Midlands Housing

Tom Wright

Andy Lulham


Pub Quiz Hosted by Ellistown Working Mens Club

Phoenix Cards

Refreshments sold at Bulb Planting

Christmas Fayre

Fair Field Junior School

Emma Kemp

Mark Lemon

Alice Freedman

Mackenzie Lemon

Isabelle de Cares

Michael Stroud

Jon Averns

Soul-4-Solar Night

Adam Lustigman

Jane Cherrington

David Lambert

Reza Razavi

G Cherrington

Joe Cherrington

Milton Thake

Sian Cherrington

Lisa Montlake

Wida Yalaqi

Brendi Waks

Tony Everett

Kevin Allton

Francesca Whiteley

Glynne Cherrington

Louise Noonan

Amy Martin

Paul Morse

Susan Morse

Watling St Brewery

5 in 5 in 5

Fair Field PTA

Paul Morse

Deborah O'Donnell

Rugby World Cup Tabard

Tabard Rugby Club Donation

Former Pupil

Christmas Fair Solar Stand

Peter Sheen

Barclays Match Funding

Gary Freedman

Gary Freedman

Tom Freedman

Jen C

Teresa Smith

Joshua Smith

Stephanie Durki

Susan Morse

Kiwi Rugby Sweepstake

Julia jJameson

Charlotte Harris


David Tropp

Sulla Bulla

Stephen Raingold

Jeanette Cunningham

Danny Cohen

Nicola Mullett

Jonathan Rose

Jane Turgel

Ben Raynor

ATEA Kung Fu

Paul Morse

Christmas fairphotobooth

Tim Sadler

Peter Roberts

Martin Fitzpatrick

Nigel Nathan

Graham Pike

Greg Rogers

Mo Thavasothy

Julian Carr

Michael Blastland

Paul Fitzgerald

Neil Herbert

Simon Letts

Pauline Kirby

Tim Keay

David Weisfeld

Madeline Newman

Fairlight Primary and Nursery School

Trillion Fund Party goers

Noeleen Keane

Paul Norman

Michelle Christensen

Rosie Granger

Fairlight Staff via The Giving Machine

Fairlight PTA

Fairlight Staff and Community via The Giving Machine

Fitzmaurice Primary School

Simon Ruffle

Helen Sykes

Tamsin Daddow

Jill Johns

Ros Stoddard

Pat and Joyce

Jill Harris

Sue & Tony Hull

Sue & Dave Maude

Sandra Porter

Alex Johns

Judy Eglington

Jerry Smith

Shirley McCarthy


J&B Griffith

Kate Harris

Hazel Jones


Ros Edwards

Jo Harvey

Liz Gibson

Angela Campbell

Hannah & Andrew Butterworth

Alan and Kristina Cooper

Bath Lush Charity Pot

Mr R & Mrs C Steel

Fitz Solar Schools Team

John & Celia Feane


Wendy Burke

Nicky Tranter

Songways Singing Group

Sylvia and Dennis Tate

Fitz Solar School Team Cake Sale

Pauline and Jonathan Brown

Fitz Solar School Team Table Tennis Marathon

Barefoot Live


Alice Bristowe

Ai & Arthur

Lili & Leo

Katy Smith

Rosie, Paul, Amy & Thomas Keast

AnnalieI Beson

Helen Pinkett

Nobuko Cooper

Felicity & Luke Bond

Vicky Edwards

Brian Liu

Michael Youngman

Tallhat Design

Simon Starr

Tom Lewis

Fitz Solar School Team Table Tennis marathon

Paper Bag Company

Fitz Solar School Team Singing for Solar

Summit Chairs

Fitzmaurice School Association (FSA)

Broade Forde Masonic Lodge

Joy and JerrySmith

Christine Giles

Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon

Richard and Carol Craft

Kevin Sharpe

Diana & Andy Beaumont

Patricia Hutton

Rowena Quantrill

Elizabeth Stephens

Shay Parsons

Richard Salter

Thomas Craft

Martin Wood

Ronald Craft

Sally Tonkin

Richard and Carol Craft

Jill Johns

Ron Tonkin

Mair Smith

Ivy Braddock

James Braddock

Oliver Quantrill

Janet Howe

Carol Craft

Sally Tonkin

Diana Braddock

Rowena Quantrill

Jim Fraser

Simon Starr

Michael Davies

John Effingham

Judith Hammond

Emma Johns

Rowena Quantrill

Kelly Dickson

The Naturesave Trust


Sally Tonkin

Christine Giles

Dan Wright

Simon Starr

Christine's Sustainable Supermarket Customer donations

Rowena Quantrill

Amy, Mal, Cecily and Kelsey

Rowena Quantrill

Christine Giles

Daniel Tagg

Sally Tonkin

Kim Single-Bloom

Sharon & Josh

Evan Rudowski

Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon

Varn Media

Bradford on Avon Quaker Meeting

Christine Giles

Nicola Reynolds

Simon Young

Pete West


Roger & Hazel Jones


Lady Jean Maitland


Frances Hopwood

Judith and Laurie Rider

Bren Hodkinson

Five Islands School

Aubrey Meyer

Theresa Browettt

Benjamin Welby

A E Clements

Seth Tabatznik

Jess T

Jess K

Katy S




Jess L






Zoe J

Freya J

Tean W

Maxine C

Daniel Vockins


Adrian Phillips

Jamie Wrench


Elizabeth Reather

Elizabeth Magill

James Brown

Fiona Leary


Vicki Smith


Mrs L F Fallowell

Moira Graham

Katie Playle

Patricia and John Peacock

Adrian Phillips

Adam Vickers

Joyce D'Silva

Tillie Sklair

Imogen Bone

Fleet primary school

Wendy Lim

Fleet Hearts Benefit Concert

Fleet School Fun Run

Giovanni Asproni

'Fleet Hearts' benefit concerts

Belsize Eco Fair

Budgens Christmas Fair

Abeloa Building Society

Fleet Primary School

Monty Gershon Span Group

Wendy Lim

Fruity Fridays

South End Green Festival


Fleet Solar T-shirt sales

Budgens of Belsize Park

Folville Junior School

Folville staff vs. Leicester City ladies match!

Bruce Wells

Owen Wallis


Helen Monk

David Gray

Sarah Barnes

Mark Jeffcote

Michae lDavies

Folville Junior School

Folville Christmas Production

Mark Jeffcote

Fundraising and matchfunding

Mrs Singh

Forest of Galtres Anglican Methodist Primary School


Mrs Ward

Peter Wallace

Janine Hebden

Matt Mielcarek

Friends of Forest of Galtres School

J & K Gittus

Lauren & Aidan Gaunt-Edwards

Kirsty Mills

Mr & Mrs Elston

Jasjit Kaur

Peter Wallace

Barry Jones

Solar Schools roll of honour - part 3

From 2011 to 2016, 80 schools took part in our Solar Schools project to crowdfund the cost of their own solar roofs. Together they raised over £700,000 and installed over 2000 solar panels. 

The school teams worked their socks off to get their solar roofs, collecting donations from far and wide. From the 30p spent at a cake sale to the businesses giving hundreds of pounds - every generous donor owns a little part of the solar roof that they helped fund.

10:10 and each school would like to thank these donors for their support and lovely comments. Take a bow.

Gatehouse Primary School

Tom Taylor

Claire Hannaford

Madeline Carroll

Pete Yeo


Mark Oliver

Carolyn Ballard

Councillor John Clatworthy

Georgeham C of E Primary School

James Hardiman

Ben Lambert

Daniel Tagg

Ian Bennett

Peter Yeo

Allan Cox

Simon Lansley

Woodward Smith Architects Ltd

Damian Johnson

Friends of Georgeham School (FROGS)

David and Pippa Morton

Jacqueline Waggett

Fullabrook Community Interest Company

Good Energy Ltd

Saunton Sands Hotel

Combe Greens

Ben Cox

Mark Oliver

R Dunne

Trillion Fund Party goers

Richard Elliott

Alison Smith

Emma Trueman

Molly & Millie-G Elliott

The Pickwell Foundation

Rob & Sarah (Putsborough)

J Young

Granny and Grandpa Young

Scott James

Robert Colwill

Grindleford Primary School


Harry Leek

The Petts


Cecily Spelling

John Morton

George Hinitt

The Heasons

Brenda Wagstaff

Kay Beeston

Solar Fair

Grindleford Primary SchoolTuck Shop

The Nolan Family


Solar Fair

Quizzy 4

Handmade Cinema

Chocolate Tombola

Philip at NFU Mutual Chapel-en-le-Frith

Ice Cream Friday

Hassop Station Bike Hire

Grindleford Hilly Billy

Hope Construction Materials

Grindleford Primary SchoolGreen Day!

Sarah & Jon Dewhirst

Halloween Disco

Athene Houston

Aaron Walters

Vanessa Sutton

River Wolton

Trillion Fund Party goers

JW Collins

Faith Johnson

Grindleford School Eco KidsClothing Collection

Grindleford School Ice Cream Friday

Ice Cream Friday

Emily Reynolds

Penny Reynolds

The Platts

Tim Reynolds

The Coopers

Barbara Kwiecinski

Solar Fair

Grindleford Juniors FC

Mrs Hill



Kit at Rugger Eds

Solar Fair

Simon Seligman & Sophie Hunter

Cate, Amelie & Anton

Adele Boulton

Hartsholme Academy

Donna Wakefield

Katherine Smith

UK Alternative Energy

Silver coin collection

Hemlington Hall Academy

Gilian Cleeve

Smartie Tubes

Christmas Fayre

Christmas Cards

Christmas Performances

Easter Disco and Raffles (inc. the World Book Day raffle)


Benjamin Davies

Hethersett Junior School

Class 3ASE

Class 4AP

PTA Christmas Discos

Matchbox Challenge



Madeline Sharpe

Kayleigh and Kieron Shooter

Class 3NA

Caroline Lightwing

Class 5SP

Class 3NA

PTA Carols Round The Tree

Elizabeth Sharpe

Class 3ASE

Joseph Oliveirs Dos Anjos

Book Week

Class 6RM

Toy and Game sale

School Newspaper

Norman and Olive Keeping

Children's Bingo

Class 3NA

Cake Sale

Easter Egg Hunt

Waitrose Wymondham

Book Sales

School Disco

Class 6RC

Elizabeth Sharpe

Class 3ASE

Jant Frosdick and friends

School Summer Fair

Class 3ASE

Class 3NA


Isabel Younger

Jasmine Gill

Hethersett Athletic Under 10s

Yorkshire Building Society

Hethersett Parish Council

Class 6RC

Class 3NA

Class 5RC

Class 6RC

Class 5SP

Madeline Carroll

Clare Allen

Ian & Tara Whiting

Dinah Murray

Matthew Eastell

Sandifords Landscaping


Montana Lemmon

Adam & Rachel Crockart

Emma Daniels

Sam Jex

Freya and Jacob Scott

Simon Childs

Graham Childs

Michelle Lemmon

Lyn Ottaway

Rehma tBokhari

Leo Nickolls

Mark Banfield

Oliver Visser

Lyn Ottaway

Claire Cork

Michele Smith

Oliver Battley

Class 3ASE

Class 4AP

Class 5SP

Class 5SP

Spree Books and Phoenix cards

PTA Barn Dance

PTA Christmas Tombola

Josie Burke

James Burke

Hethersett Athletic Fireworks

Toby and Alex Smith

Class 5EM

Class 6RC

Heycroft Primary School

Jeni Clarke

Andrew Palmer

Paul Lipscombe

Chris Livemore

Hilton Primary School

Lola May

Amelie Maguire

Fraser McVicar

Cady Cogswell

Ben Stoddard

Eloise Campion

Mackenzie Holland

Emily Harrison

Chloe Reddy

Molly Warren

Year 5

Tia & Lottie (Year 6 pupil)

Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School

Holy Trinity Pupils Danceathon!

Emi & Alice

Dream Roadshow

Cecily Spelling

Leo Murray

A Light

Rosie Candler

Holy Trinity PTFA

Stokes & Hackett

Oswick Ltd

Margaret Roy

Richard Edwards Group LLP

Dinah Murray

Holy Trinity Calendar


Louise Wilkin

Jemma Jackson-Lake

Tamdown Foundation

Mr Handy

Ruby Parker

Emma Kemp

Holy Trinity Pupils

Alan May

K Handy

Jo & Mike Nicholls

Michelle Ashworth

Jon Smith

Anne Nelson

James Haylock

Katarzyna Mills

Linda May

Holy Trinity PTFA

Beau D-W

Annie Barton

Molly Tokeley

Alfie Light

Stuart Betchley


Paris & Tia

Yildiz & Elmas

Louise Wilkin

Joshua Clemence

Elizabeth Rayner


Amelia Naylor

Shadbolt Rope Access Ltd

Ian Bass

Hunters Bar Infant School

Non uniform day

Stall at Nether Edge Fair

World Book Day Bake Sale

Pub Quiz

Year 2 pie and pea supper

Women to work

Kids Outside

Helen O'Grady

Shipston's Real Oak Floors

Spring Fair Raffle


Dolphins Bake Sale

Easy Fundraising

Lush Pamper Vouchers

Spring Fair

A4E staff dress down day

EcokidsTextiles collection

June Pub Quiz

Dragonflies Bake Sale

Teachers' Cycling Event 4 July

Ice Cream Sales 4 July

Pamper Night

Arusavai meal

July school disco

Tigers Bake Sale

Michelle Hayes

Aaron Walters

Rhiannon Price

Laura Fitzgerald


Jaguars' bake sale

Homemade Sale

Penguins' bake sale

Uniform sale



Usbourne Books

School Disco

Sharrowvale Christmas Market donations

Spooky Cake Raffle @ Porter Brook Deli

Christmas Fayre

Christmas cards designed by the children

Christmas puddings

Yellow Moon

Natwest Compensation

Collections at Christmas assemblies

Xmas non uniform day

Pamper night

Parrots Bake Sale

Easter School Disco

Hyde Church of England Primary School

Cathy Cook

Richard Ecclestone

Emma Kemp

Melanie Froud

Graham Cowdery

Eleanor Gloster

Christopher Barwell

Mark Oliver

Richard Holland


Clare Summers

Paula Bancroft

Barrie Painter

Helen Kuropka

Solar Schools

H.H & D.E.Drew Limited

Stay Ahead Real Estate

Hyde District Climate Change Forum

Midsummer Energy Assessors

British Airways (Pure Leapfrog)

Ilmington C of E Primary School

Chloe Heath

Sponsored Swim Money

Margaret Paul Digby

Sponsored Swim

Joshua Angus

Susan Mills

Zoe Kinchin

Jeanenne Titchener

Brian Lighthill and Romy Allison

Mrs Adcock

Doreen McCarroll

Eazylay Concrete

Susan and Richard Sampson

Ilmington School PTA Big Night Out

Da Capo Choir Concert

Stretton on Fosse Biodiversity group and Ilmington 20:20

Anna Pike

Ilmington Singers

Kate Bamford

Ice cream sale

Jill Coupland

Meg N

Peter Dews

Sally Naish

Steve Sutherland

Richard Wilson

Gill Sutherland

Rev Jill Tucker

A Gibb

James Adcock

John Wilber

E Vergette

Tony Phillips

Mike Tremellen

Cecilia Currey

Megan Davies

Georgia Davies

John and Sue Mills

Jonathan Davies

Marianne Robinson

Ken Bishop

Annabelle Leonard

Lottie and Harry Wilson

Various Donations

Mary Lewis

Emily Perry

Tilly Morris

Anna Whittaker

Wilsons Jelly money

Wilsons Sponsored Swim money

Local Benefactor

Sport4All Sponsorship money

Lesley McAndrew

Ilmington Archaeological Walk

Anoymous local business

Anoymous local business

Anna Pike

Paul Williams

Deborah Morgan

Bethan Devereux

Richard Sharratt

Hilary Kemp

Anthony Groves

Owen Lewis

David Passingham

Sam's Conker Shy

Stretton-on-Fosse Toddler Group

Lucy, Andy & Freya Cox

Anna Pike

Mary Lewis

Graham Pike

Chris Lewis

Chava Eichner

Callum Martin

Deborah Morgan

Laura Nunes

Jan Copley

Alan Morgan

Sam Cruickshank

Christopher Lambert

Martin Whittaker

Alistair Pike

D Perry

Verity Richardson

Kenny Young

Sam Passingham

John Stott

Tim Lewis

Kirstie Papworth

Mary Lewis

Rosalind Gleave

Christina Wright

Louise Dews

Robert Figures

Stephanie Mitchell

Giles, Lauren and Esme

Stretton BiathlonSponsor money

Lily Lewis

Tom Lewis

Jayne Potter

Isobel Hazelwood

Pete Balchin

Owen Lewis

Kirstie Hazelwood

David Passingham

Yr 6 cake sale

A.F.Blakemore & Son Ltd.

Zoe Kinchin

Fran Currey

Sponsored Swim Raffle

Debbie Shotton

Dawn Badger

Vodafone Foundation

Kyson Primary School

Rachel Hobbin

5I Christmas Crafters

5I Crafty Bookworms

5I Tasty Cakery

5I Tasty Cakes

5R Classy Cookies

5R Fashion Fabulous

5R Terrific T-Shirts

6F Chocoblock

6F Christmas Candles

6F Christmas Decz

6F Christmas Winter Wonderland

6F Crazy Coasters

6F Festive Fudge

6G Christmas Creators

6G Green Garden Gang

6G Rudolph and Co

6G Santa's Workshop

5I Jinglebells

5R Christmas Crafters

6G Tea 'n' Nibbles

5R Creative Cakes

Nicola Hathorn

Kind WaterWater Softeners

Melton Day Nursery

Eco Council

Clare Rizzo


Jenny Jones

Jane Willis

James Elias

Emma Brierly

Kate Elias

Paul Excell

Huawei Staff

Hasketon Walk

Sponsored Readathon

Robin Howell

Hasketon Walk

Table Top Sale

Plant Sale

Solar Concert

Diana Newhouse

Clarkson Court

Mia Beardsley-Vince

Ruby and Jack Dodwell

Jojo Humes

Bess Harrup

Whittle Grandparents

Elsie Hinton

Crabtree Family

Ruth Thomlinson

Charlie Zakss

Dominik McArdle

Karen Moodie

Snezana Thomson

Michael Rizzo

Juliet Redding

Anne Kemp

Laura Dolan


Fiona Fossett


Anna Sharpin

Matthew Bettell

Sarah Wainer

Sadie Parker

Nicholas Bathgate

Annette Raw

Rowan Amoss

Libby Brown

Susan Rea

Anita Sawyer

Catherine Johnson

Matthew Davies

Simon Dickins

Tom Shelley

Derek Rothwell

Eco Team

Juliet Lillicrop

Laura Gunson

Robert Mayhew

Ellie Rudge-Buchanan


Eco Council

Kate Naqvi

Annabelle Whittle

Sue Fry

Emma Bell

Carol M Last

John Newhouse


Nonie Bathgate

Susan Evans

Helen Galbraith

Steve Cloke

Kay Breton

Emma O'shaughnessy

Suzanne Strand

Abigail Berger

Woodbridge Christmas Street Fair

Louise Wheatley

Langham CE Primary School

Janet Lord

Suzanne Coughlan

Tracey Stokes

Cory Environment Trust, Rutland

Murray Hemsley

Parish Council

Mrs Beach

Langham PFA

Evie & Florence

Harry Cameron

Friends of the Earth, Rutland

Cai Morgan

Sue Curtiss

Tony & Trish Ruddle

Cherys Window

Lee Dolby

Murray, Harvey, Archie and Connor Year 5

Gillian Manning

Lawley Primary School

Year 5 Tuckshop 15.5.15

Year 5 Tuck Shop 22.5.15

Year 3 Bag Pack at Morrisons

Year 5 Tuck Shop 6.6.15

Matthew Burton

Ben Kennedy

Holly Nightingale

Thomas Jordan

Tim Mitchell

Mrs Burton

Emma Moore

Maria Evans

Jamie Biggs

Sarah Smith

Go Green Day

Y1/2 Christmas Performance Collection10th December 2014

Y1/2 Christmas Performance Collection 11.12.14

Y3/4 Christmas PerformanceCollection

Raffle Week 3

Weekly Solar Raffle

Hazel Class Bring and Buy Sale 21.1.15

Solar School RaffleWeek 4

Elm Class Cake Sale


Reception/ Puddleducks Christmas Performance Collection

Solar School RaffleWeek 1


CJ Willams Funeral ServicesLawley Telford

Solar School RaffleWeek 5

Hazel Class Bring and Buy Sale

Solar School RaffleWeek 6

Solar Donation

Solar School RaffleWeek 7

Solar School RaffleWeek 8

Solar School RaffleWeek 8

Solar School RaffleWeek 9

Spring Party

Big Egg Easter Lucky Draw

Solar School Raffle Week 10

Hazel Class Cake Sale

Yr 5 Tuck Shop

Year 5 Tuckshop 30.4.15

Year 5 Tuck Shop 8.5.15

Long Mountain Riding Centre

Bluebell Walk 10th May 2015

Year 3 Bag Pack at Morrisons


Solar Donation

Liss Junior School

Liss Junior School Solar Sleepover

Zoe Stemp

Paul Munter

Liss Junior School Solar Disco

Liss Junior School

Liss Junior School Macbeth Production

Icepop Sales at LJS

Allianz Insurance PLC

Elizabeth Fitt

Sponsored Walk

Mike Robbins

Peter Greenwood

Liss Junior School Pantomime

Class MG

Andy Burford

Heather Green

Sarah Redfern

Karen Frost

Zoe Stemp

Andy Burford

Alice Stanley

Liss Junior School Governors

Adam Stanley

Liss Junior School

The families of Liss Junior School

Liss Junior School

Year 4 Boys

LJS Cake Sales

April Cake Sale Pupils

Little Kingshill Combined School

Tim McCammond


Lai Ching Brindle


Richard Goddard

Annabella Marsh

Frances Rawle

Becky Eades

Jo Wright

Sarah McLoughlin

Gina Mortali

Paul Luker

Rob Hatch

Melanie Lowein

Sophie Clarke

Mr Brindle


Mrs Middleton

Zoe Quesnel

Mrs Dunkelman

Rotary Club

Mrs Sutaria

Mrs McCammond

Jane McCammond

ChristopherC heetham


Sweet Charity

Sajal Kapoor

Eco Mufti Day

Colin Evans

Mr sHarris

Jodie Whichelow-Tapping

Sajal Kapoor

Paul and Amanda Froggatt

Vanessa Clark

Becky Eades

Beatrice & Arianna Mortali


Scoot and Skateand ad hoc sales

Year 6 Leavers

Little Kingshill Primary

Helen McCammond

Elaine Herbert



G Sutaria

Natalie Samat

Zoe Walters

Samantha Knollys

Melanie Burnside

Ashleen McCammond

Andrew Redington

Mrs Cooley



Mrs Herrera

Adrienne Hill

Jacqueline Rubin

Year 5 Cake Sale

Plant Sale Summer Fayre

Auction of Promises

Andras Hofalvi

Jacqui Boyle

Juliette Knott

Ludwell Primary School

South West Wiltshire Green Party

Ludwell Stores

Emma Kemp

The Grove Arms

Simon Lewis

Donhead St Mary Parish Council

Ivy Jones

Neville Pughe

Jonathan and Gaenor Davies

David Flood

Donhead Digest

Alaister and Roisin Munn

Jamie and Vicki Daniell

Ian Seaman


Lady Diana Catto

Bags to School

Mr and Mrs Bird

Ciara, James and Xander

Coronation Drive Street Party

4 Villages Spring Fete

Ludwell PTA

Richard Ecclestone

Sarah Freeman

Karen Ecclestone

Richard Lee

Nina Bartlett

Thomas Burnett

Sam Mawby

Kevan Beerling

Susan Ecclestone


Humphrey Miller

Julian Prideaux

Linda Smith

Tim and Diana Goetz

Michael Stancombe

John Fisher

Elizabeth Hockney

Svetlana Cicmil

Paul Goetz

Tim Heppner

Srikanth Viswanatha

BV Dairy

Gemma Marshall

Mabe Community Primary School

Rosie Atkins

Johnny Wearmouth

Mabe Parish and School

Renewable Energy department, UoE

Maurice Matthews

Mabe Inn Pub Quiz

John Jones

IcebergTechnology Ltd

Walking On Sunshine

Climate Change Risk Management Ltd

Mabe Music Night

The New Inn Mabe

Falmouth University


Moor News

Year 6 Parents

Mabe School

Andrew Thomas

University of Exeter

Robin Curtis

Mel Wilson

A&P Falmouth

Planet Cooler


Wendy Jarvis

Mr & Mrs Jones

Richard Hoggett

Rev Steve Smith

Easy Fund-raising

Russell Jones

David Charles

Sophie Hartfield

Paul Simmons

Trudy Reid

Dave Cockwell

Neil Crudgington

S Thomas

Stephen Shearson

Mabe School Green Day

Energy Policy Group University of Exeter

Ruth Olver

Mabe School Christmas Disco

Amanda Wills

Bosinver Farm Cottages

Planet Cooler


REG Windpower

Sarah Milne

Mabe School

Richard Scrase


Easy-Fundraising Users!

Tom Flannery

Anna Walton

The Ferryboat Inn

Ocean Bowl

Hawkshead Outdoors

Neal Atkins

Steve Nesbit from Mabe Stores

John Walton

Mrs Webber

Mrs Beattie

Friends of Mabe School Clothes Sale

Mabe School Yellow Day

Miranda Davies

Maple Tree Lower

Construction Club

Bucket collections.


Lynn Duthaler

Shakers in the community

Printer Cartridge recycling

Torin Compston



Solar schools charity

Fat Bird sales

Dress down day St George's Day


Sandy Carnival

Jo Lemon

Jacqueline Taylor

Jack Tre-Vett

Brooke Duthaler

Anthony Harrison

Clarice Champion

Edward Emberton

Ann Harding

Georgina Westley

Leeann Nicholls

Mike Gianninotti

Brooke and Philip Duthaler

Bake sales & Swimming tickets

Christmas Letters

Marlow C of E Infant School

Daniel Lawton

Clare McLoughlin

Middleton Primary School

Michelle Bowbeer

Sheila Hunt

School Council

Staff Middleton Primary School

Sheila Hunt

Millbrook C.E.V.A Primary School

Joe Widdicombe

Jan Blagdon

Friends' Association

School Council

Liz Doyle

Gordon & Margaret Crocker and family

Transition Rame

G & R Electrical Wholesalers Ltd

Friends Association / Football Club

Millbrook Methodist Church

Michael Regan

Community Grants Scheme

Millbrook Village Hall Management Committee

Rag Bag Collection

Torpoint Ferry collection

Valentine's Disco

Pauline Woffenden

Gerry Keating

Widdicombe Fayre / Millbrook Paper Shop

Millbrook School Children & Parents

Torpoint Rugby Club

Millbrook Friends' Association

Transition Rame

Cycle Ride Sponsorship

RG PO & Le Ltd - Pools Sponsor

Trevor Caves

Rame Renewable Energy Group

Millbrook School Children

C ETaylor

Rag Bag Collection

Children's Halloween Fancy Dress Disco

Millbrook School Quiz Night

Millbrook Parish Council


Karen Crozier

Jo Rickard

Clive Jakeman

Barbara Rose

Allen Weynberg

Mandy Tomkins


Trevor Caves

Peter Yeo

Lee Shepherd

Chris Crofts

Ryan Walker

Ross Kilpatrick

Sophie Coates

Erik Dirdal

Sally Hillson

Ruth Belton

Tim Humphries

Jamie Lloyd

Sam Huscroft

Nathan McDonald

Tessa Mattholie

Tom Taylor

Madeline Carroll

Charles Shingler

Chris Shingler

Mary Mattholie

Ruby Caves

Toni Dunmow

Stopcocks Women Plumbers

Matthew Shepherd

Whitsand Bay Holiday Park

Viv Watson

Jo Gibson

School Choir singing at Mt Edgcumbe Fair

Lucy Evely

Milton CE Primary School

Michael Staplehurst

Rosemary Huckle

Anna Reeder

Andrew Pugh

Blatch Family

Howard Scarborough

Elinor Everitt

Nat Johnson

David Lee

MSA Film Night

Final Fundraisers

Luke Hares

Charmaine Coutinho

Jon Coe

Alex Jelly

Andrew Everitt

Jeremy Thorne

Leila Coe

Milton School Eco Day

Peter Taylor

Rita Taylor

Sponsored Walk

Moorfield Primary School

Tina Williams

Race Night

Family Disco


BYK Additives

Libby Edge

Jake Edge

Emma Edge

A Williams

Kerry Parr

Lynne Webb

Natalie Lynch

Trillion Fund Party goers

Children of Moorfield Primary

Danielle Farrar


100 Clyb

Quiz Night

Year 5/6 cake sale

Moorfield PTA

Area forum

Joyce Shannon

Joanne Hunt

Jane Fitzpatrick

Joanne Whittaker

Woodend Court

Moorfield 100 Club

Christmas Market

Moorfield Choir

New Christ Church Primary School


Mr Mellingham

Sharon Adams

Pete and Mimi Ocampo

Alexander Clabburn

Mayuresh Kadu

Ian Clabburn

The Wideman Family

Governors' School Fund

Sankalp Hiregouder

Patricia Sanz

Peter Brett Associates

Governors' donations

Rich and Ruth Ng

Emmanuel and Sebastian

Charlie Shelton

Governors' donations

Kat Sloan

Ghada Sampat

Charlie G

Guess the weight of the cake stall

Sylvain DEFFAY

Zack Clabburn and Family


Peter Yeo

Katherine Sloan

Ann Morrison

Deborah Fox

Staff cake sale

The Andersons

The Laynesmith family

Bonsai class cake sale

Morrissey H

Cherry Class cake sale


Tracey Essery

Exclaimers Clutter Sale

St John and St Stephen's Church

Erin Odell

Anya Odell

William Odell

Odell family

Willow class cake sale

Bollywood evening

Claudia Spence

Deborah Fox

Mark Hammond

Katherine Sloan

Lynda Stokes

Maple class cake sale

Rosemary and RichardCroft

James and Matthew Laynesmith

Dave & Sue Smith

Caroline Blamey

Kevin Terry

Malcolm Harris

Jeremy Plummer

Joan Orman

Luis Cardona-Martin

Aspire2 Tile9

Aspire2 JO

Aspire2 LC

Aspire2 NG

Aspire2 RS

Aspire2 ET

Aspire2 AP

J P Dasayyan


Olympic Torch

Joel Baby

Nicky Ford

Siobhan Murkin


The Spence Family

Holly, Apple and Oak cake sale

The Beelders

Sebastian Hill

Green and yellow day

Apple class collection

Holly class collection

Cherry class collection

Maple class collection

Willow class collection

Bonsai class collection

Oak class collection

Staff collection

Nick, Anna & Gabriel Macdonald

Faith Claringbull

Princess Esther

Donation for laptop bags

Toner cartridge recycling

loose change collection

Football tickets

Bollywood Evening

Sharon Adams

PTA cake sales term 5

Malachi Chadwick


Reading CEL


Christchurch Gardens/GlebeRoad Jubilee donation

Olympic torch pictures

Heidi Proven

Klina Jordan

Absence Protection Ltd

Roger and Liz Johnson

Andy Lulham

Gabriel Berry

Daniel Vockins

Angela Bryant

Julika Niehaus

InstaGroup Ltd

Franny Armstrong

Mrs Light

Claire McCarty

Lorna McCarty

Leilani Ng

Robert Newbold

Nicola Gray

Simon and Cherish Clabburn


Adam Harrington

Peter Nichols

Leslie Neilson

Amy Cameron

Aspire2 day

Aspire2 Tile 13

Aspire2 Tile12

Aspire2 Tile11

Aspire2 Tile10

Aspire2 KH

Aspire2 KT

Solar Schools roll of honour - part 4

From 2011 to 2016, 80 schools took part in our Solar Schools project to crowdfund the cost of their own solar roofs. Together they raised over £700,000 and installed over 2000 solar panels. 

The school teams worked their socks off to get their solar roofs, collecting donations from far and wide. From the 30p spent at a cake sale to the businesses giving hundreds of pounds - every generous donor owns a little part of the solar roof that they helped fund.

10:10 and each school would like to thank these donors for their support and lovely comments. Take a bow.

New Mills School & Sixth Form

Alex Greensmith

Victoria Greensmith

Martin Rashdi

Hilary Owen

Peter Daborn

Dave Cohen

Pam Cohen

Viv Wall

Jude Daborn

Non-Uniform Day!

Lucinda Tinning

Clock New Mills

Christmas Fayre Teddy Tombola

Christmas Fayre Name that?

Christmas Fayre Christmas Raffle

Lee Wright



Deb Hampson

Joe Hampson

Jon Cohen

Pam Cohen

Bengt Saxmark

Ellen Rashdi

Jane Ayres

James Fenton

Barbara Jagger

Jo Hanney

Ruth Wilson

Sue McCall

K. Waudby

Andrew Fisher

Cecilia Osborn

Julie Hallam

Jon Taylor

Mike Crompton

Mel Cranmer

Beth Atkins

Peter Shaw

Lorrie Marchington

Rachael Hinchliffe

Mr. V. D'Olier




















Symone Birt

Maggie Cole

Fiona Lawley

Kathy Doughty

Jim Doxford

Freda Rashdi

Dee Sayce

Michael Daw

Karl Sinfield

Lucinda Tinning

Hannah Lownsbrough

Peter Roche

Alison Bowry

Sixth form fun!

OWF 2013 Small donations

Shirley Hughes

David Hughes

Jan Szechi

Visit New Mills

Lucinda Tinning

Grahame Parsons

Maggie Cole


Nigel Williams

Craig Ollerenshaw

Jeremy Poulter

Christmas Fayre Stall Holders

Christmas Fayre Tombola

Christmas Fayre Books and more

Christmas Fayre Bird Boxes

Christmas Fayre Cakes

Jenny Rothwell

Andrew Bingham MP

Ken Clark

Mary Cohen

David King

Torrs Hydro

Janet Robinson

Graham Burgess

Steve Bagnall

Tony Holmes

Gill Thompson

Janet Winter

Chafes Solicitors

Caroline Morton

Carol Potter

Mark Thorpe

Fig Creative

Jan Szechi

Malachi Chadwick

Maggie Cole

Torrs Hydro New Mills

Simone Stratton

J Barber

Hangout Drama

Blues Party and One Last Rendezvous

Swizzels Matlow

Sean Whewell

Sarah Cohen

Madeline Carroll

Mark Gadd

Jana Mills

Sean Whewell



Help! 2000 Charity Auction 2012

PTACurry & Quiz

New Town Primary School

Tiffany Bown

Jennifer King

Sarah Smalley

Martin Richards

Sarah Vincent

Trinity College, Cambridge

Madeline Carroll

Newnham College, Cambridge

Ann Hopkins

Rosemary Croft

Cathy Marsden

Judith Schofield

Geoffrey Attenburrow

Alex Furey

Steve Edwards

Anne and Karl Kirk

Ralph and Margaret Houlbrooke

Ann Westgarth

David Allott

Dr J D Oldham

The Choudhary Family

Reading Christian Ecology Link


Mrs A Piercy

Cash for Schools

Christine Borgars

Green Walkers



Malcolm Morrison

Patricia Grillo

Trilochan Gautam

Ian Morrison

Dr J D Oldham

'St John's and St Stephen's Church Exclaimers Clutter Sale

Hamish Preston

Margaret and Willie Brownhill

Rob White

St John's and St Stephen's Church

Cathy Oldham

Alan White


Glebe Estates

Annalisa Cavallini

Madeline Carroll

InstaGroup Ltd

Katerina Mal

Zoe Woodhead

Adam Levy

Pippa Dooney

MR Smargolis

Suzy Edwards

Caroline Bottomley

Amy Cameron

David Cameron

Mark Hamer

Peter Brett Associates

Olswang LLP

Moksha Bontha

Chris Croft

Richard Scott

David Stirling

Mark Hamer

Anthony Watkins

Jim Williamson

Tony Juniper

Newnham Croft Primary School

Clare Hall, Cambridge

Jane Heal

Agnes Heydtmann

David Greenhouse


Ezra Cohen

Queens' College, Cambridge

Dorothy Marden

St John's College, Cambridge

Churchill College, Cambridge

John Hunter

Patrick and Lizzie

Bag2School Collection

James Rowe

Winter Treat Stall


Chris and Jo Vincent

Susan & Andrew Chester

Jacqueline Davidson

Sarah Vincent

Junzo Sakuraba

Lewy Xing

Fiona Xing

Stephen Howe

Mark Wyatt

Valerie Bennett

Heath E.J.

Elena and Sam Simons

Fergus McGuire


Gary Marshall

Nathan Barr


Miss E.P. Story

Nicola Studholme

Jo Isaac

Hugh Mumford

Sue Payne

Christophe Amez

Flore and family

Hans Huiberts

Violet, Neve and Molly

Roy Hawkins

Tony and Tina Wilson

Kirsty McDougall

John and Celi Chadwick-Jones

Julia Relle

Virginia Thomas

KS2 Sponsored Run

Winter Treat Stall

David Pilkington


Murray Edwards College, Cambridge

John Clamp

Anne, Paul & Elena

Ines Koch

Mrs G Clasby

Clamp Optometrists

Elizabeth Prochaska

Ezra, Miro, Agnes and Carl Heydtmann

R Lucas

John Bows

Magali Kostov

Helen Monk

Colin Reynolds

Clare Allen

Radio Free Brighton

Marion Ancker

Nash Matthews


Nicola Normandale

Christiane Pearl

Pip Richdizzle

Margaret Whiting

Sarah Anderson

Thomas Flannery

Mr Terry Tibbs

Martin Law

Amanda Vincent

Elisabeth Rickett

Elena, Natalie, Mila & friends

Sian Reid

Alexander McLeod

David Maclay

Richard Allen

Lars-Erik Fredhammar

Linda Whitebread

Christopher Huff

Barry Werner

Elisabeth Maclay

Anne Bragg

Clare, Steve, Isabel and Christina Farrukh

Zanna Alston

Rod Cantrill

Ann Knight

Mrs Abrahams

Pamela Miller


Donation while selling vouchers

Cecily Morrison

Lisa and Anna Calegari

PTA Film Night

Jennifer Gleeson

Sara Hennessy

Joaquin Quinonero Candela

Delphine Dryer

PTA Bonfire Night

Martin Jackson

Sam Smith

Judith Rattenbury

Our Lady of Grace Catholic Junior School

Pili Regueira

Barclays Bank

Dylan Morrison

Good Energy

A kind donor

Year 6 Christmas concert

A very kind donor

Saskia Janssens

Mark Oliver

Adam Salt

Anne Doherty

Declan Garvin

Oran Garvin

Alison Garvin

Daniels Estate Agents

Malachy & Oisin Green

Ann Wells

Charlotte & Kayleigh Regan

Loretta Bradley

Trillion Fund Party goers

Thomas Rafter

Ediri Udoh

David Nagle

John Murphy

Steve McGrath

M. Sheehan

Ruari & Family

Adam Blyskosz

Parrs Wood High School

Stephanie Simpson


Klina Jordan

Richard Lane

Patrick Grange

Dave Bradford

Pendock C of E Primary

Robin Christmas

Stirling Smith

Brodie Smith

Florence Christmas-baxter

Alli Grundy

Alex Blake

Mehvish Saleem

Pendock Village Stores

Ross Leadbeater

Elaine Jewkes

Samantha White

Jackie Humphries

Giant Pumpkin Raffle

Eliza and Alfie Travis

Sally Zentz

Ian Buckley

The Snell Family


Barry and Monica Blake

Geraldine and John Williams

Charles and Sally Rush

Solar Dance Extra

GrowHow UK Limited

Phoenix Cards

Sam White's Open Studio Day

Pendock Junior Bake Off

Tea for Tanzania

Phil Statham

Alan & Toni Goadby

Yvonne Baker of Pendock Village Stores

Rhydian Blackmore

Jenny Shaw

Michael Cale

Ros Cale

Andy Tucker

Joanne Evans

Liza Christmas

Jo and Paul Evans


Anna Gray

Elizabeth Tillott

Samantha White

Auntie Theresa

Michael and Ann Bowker

Staunton X Garage

Chris Pattison

Karina Speaks Sports and Therapeutic Massage

The Frall Family

Ed Philipson-Stow Pendock Estates

Robert Symonds

Fi Curnow

Tina Cupples

Christmas Fayre

Zurich Matching Fund

Madeline Carroll

Ian & Rachel Stockwell

Wessex Water

Verona Christmas-Best

Carol Singing

Alice Phelps

Mechteld Blake-Kalff

Samantha White

School Christmas Play

Solar Dance

Jumble Sale

Mechteld Blake

Madeline Carroll


Joanne Evans

Hill Court Farm Research

Alice Phelps

Helen Ashby

Liza Christmas

The Rowe Family

Kevin Gittins

Paul Evans

Gina Chance

Dennis Chance

Caroline Howlette

Jeanette Cresswell

Mel Wilson

Verona Christmas-Best

Arthur's Auntie Margaret

Ebay Sale

Solar Dance Extra

Lucy Hutchins

Sam & Marie Ward

Julia Knott

Rowena Quantrill

Mechteld Blake

Chris Rose

Rowena Quantrill

Hester en Pieter Loyson

Richard and Carol Craft

Frits en Marie-Anne Kalff

Bicycle sold on Ebay

Sally Lyndon-Chance

Gillian Iven

Sarah Crane

School Disco

Good Energy

Bacon Butties Welland Junior Colts Football Training

Welland Junior Colts U9s Bacon Butties

Princess Frederica CE VA Primary School

Andrew Sturge


Louisa Dallmeyer

Matthew Parratt

Andrew Moss

Peter Grigg

Kelly French

Anna Macarthur

Ralph Cator

Nigel Clark

Tim Muir

Nifa McLoughlin

Rupert French

Jack Dunkerley

Mark Baptiste

Neale Easterby

Lou Scott

Petula Langlais

Fiona Key

Clare Palmer

Sophie Robinson

Kirk Salkeld

Mark Cooper

Harish Patel

Isabel Ferndez


Amanda Mackenzie

Nishan Brown

Kerry Lacey

Jez Stone

Joanna Marshall

Hannah Clarke

Daniel Holmes

Jayne Newman

Franck Sauvaire

Laura Sol

Jo Baumard

Richard Lawson

Pushpa Bhudia

Paul Brown

Jean Chalaby

Bella 3 Canberra

Gaby Staron

Sam McCann


Chris Ulusele


Shayna Main

Angela Fell

Caroline Miller

Chinese New Year

Fortune cookies

Kensal Eyes

Neil Nerva

Legoland fundraiser

Bronwen Smith

Maxine Duffett

Mark Culmer

Summer fair Lexi raffle

Rachael Newberry

Tim Lott

Nick Alexander

Jodi Gramigni

Caroline Hipperson

Esther Muir

Charlotte Simpson-Orlebar

Pendle Harte

Christina Tyson

Matthew Longhurst

Chloe Berwitz

Lucy Brown

Stephanie Dirik

Belinda Rasmussen

Emilie Hodge

Jessica Mooney

Anthony Givnan

Franck Sauvaire

Mile Estate Agents

Mark Neale

Sarah Lucy Fell

Lucy Soutter

Phoebe Sprinz

Wendy Wright

Frances Casey

Jonas Aurell

Emily Desmazery

Jason Lambert

Victoria Cochrane

Anna Prag

Ffion Bogdanov

Margo's Estate Agents

Jean Alexandrian

Caroline Mitchell

Yanick Lumsden

Calvin Robinson

Christina Tyson

Tara Silvester

Sandra Leis

Fiona Key

Pendle Harte

Karen Findlay

Lisa Greaves

Hugo Gordon-Lennox

M B Spicer Lambert

James Close-Smith

Mark Culmer

Ninavan der Beugel

Christopher Hodge

Hugo Gordon-Lennox

Rachael Newberry

Tamsin Leaf

Catherine Marlow

Natalie Spanier

Mufti money

Steve Gordon

Cake sale

Rick Leaf

Martin Day

Queen Elizabeth School

Matin Khadem

Mr and Mrs Western

Roe Family

Mia Fisher and Alice Bateman

Mrs Merritt

Mrs Vose

Country Cousins

Hunt Family

Stephen Langtree

Benjamin James Lawrence Wilson I

Hazel Marsh

Helena Morwood

Jess Ronan

Mrs Matthews

Rosalind Oates

Mrs Laurenson

Mrs Gibson

Huw Sharp

Victoria Peill

Dan Farley

Miss Donnelly

Hannah Kerigan and Wyn Young

Mr Martin

Mark & Ann Abbotson

Mr Hall

Alison Cameron

Christine Shannon

Miss Abraham

Miss Garne

Jean Wood

C Rowley

Chasing Ice


Christmas Fair

Student Voice

QES Cake Stall

KPC Chirstmas Tree Festival

Ben and David's 3 Peaks Challenge

Penny Mile

Rachel Whiteley

Mary Montgomery

Hilary Rooney

Rachel Whitehead

Miss Cafferty

Mary Shaw

Charlotte Darby

Lucy Barron

Imogen Lloyd-Thomas

Lizzie Gillett

Philip Corlett

Marjorie Drake

Russell Armer Homes

Thalie Yuill

Martin Budnarowski

Betty Marston

Fredercik Mulder

Chris Clarke

Angus Verhagen

John Thrippleton


Alexandra Casement

Mrs Pimblett

Laura Hunt

Holly Wild

Mirte Boot

Robin Hainsworth

Lucy Slater

Adam Lowther

Ruth Roberts

Mr Burnett

Laura Stainton

Kat Lovell

Mrs J Winstanley

AM Casement

Caroline Smith

Jan Todner

Ally Askew

Claire Smith

Kate Mee

Judith Whiteley

Robert Blair Primary School

Students from the KW1 College (Netherlands)

Year 4

Thomas Lefevre

Islington Sustainable Energy Partnership Solar Schools quiz night

ISEP Members

Joanne Fowler

Conisbee (for solar school quiz)

ISEP Members

Level 3 Communications

Maggie Riley

Jo Prosser

Trillion Fund Party goers

Donna Hayter

Marion Cooper

Jenny Gritten

Stuart Ratcliffe

Robin Riley

Telford Homes

Razia Begum

Agnes Muswere

Bennetts Associates Architect

Slaughter & May

Victoria Howse

Heloysa Silva

Shaheen Shipon

Semone Drewitt-Wilson


Parents of Robert Blair

Year 5

Year 6

Mili Barrera Sarrion

Pupils, parents and teachers of Robert Blair

Pupils of Robert Blair

Roseberry Primary School

Sarah Lloyd-Thomas

Amy Cameron

Tom Sheppard

Roseberry Balloon Race

Roseberry Primary School

family afternoon 3/5/13

Deryck Forrest

Madeline Waller

G Smith

Mr Mules-Burton

Brain Fearnley

Y2 non uniform day

Reception sunflower competition


Sunshine day 2!

Reception assembly coffe sales

Y4 donation

Y1 sportathon

Y6 car wash

David Parker

Katy Yelland


Tesco bag pack!

Abbie Steele



Luke Nicholson

Pat Parkin

Y4 enterprising stall

Sarah Thomas


Donna Foster

Liz Colverson

Tracey Newell

Larrissa and ElleysiaFoster

Tracey Kyle

Easter Fayre

Roseberry Staff

Roseberry foundation stage

Family fun night

Y4 Assembly

Chloe Stothard

Paris Hubery-Wilds


Paul Gasson

Alice Hunter

Ruth and Harold Stanley


Y5 book fair

Roseberry School Disco

Nursery sunflower competition

Cake stall

Family afternoon 21/6/13

Jen Lisle

Bag2school collection

Nursery chick pictures

Miss Stanley and Phil Winship

Stephanie Roundsmith

Laura Tosney

Chris Thompson

Wendy Togher

Andrew Lake

Paul Swales

Duncan Jones

Richard Rice

Akhtar Mohammed

Caroline Harmon

Christopher Walker

Elizabeth Georgiou


Nicola Stanley

Nicola Parker

Dave Stanley

Phototronics Roseberry Primary School


Yuill Homes

Film club

family afternoon

Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies Billingham

Bunny Burrows

Jeff with aJ

Evie and Erin Bell

Billingham Catholic Club Easter Fayre

Eleanor Besley

Springwell School

Fish and chip night

Race night

Coffee morning

Bag packing at Morrison's

Cake Sale

Ghost walk

Christmas Fayre

St Bartholomew's CE Primary School

Aero trope

Pete West

Andy Lolz

The Metla Family

Aden Ahmed

Cake Sale

Mr Abou-Esaad

Sara Keane

Toddler Group

Heidi P

Michelle May

Wiebina Heesterman

The Takawira Family

Brighton Parish Church

Bellerbys College

Craft Sale

Friends Centre

Solar Raffle


School Governors

Sara Keane

Helen Nevitt



Non Uniform Day


Felce and Guy Architects

Andrew Lulham

Family Investments

Claire Morgan

Madeline Carroll

Rachel Clowes

Cocoon Property Limited

Sue Shanks

Sara Chadwick

Tom Wright


Ross Gilbert

Natasha Baum

St Bartholomew's C of E Primary

Leonie Gijsberts

Malcolm Telfer

Heidi Proven


Janet Stuart

Jeremy Dresner

Karen Ashdown

Elliot Ashdown

Pete Ashdown

Helen Nevitt

Ian Davey

Paul Steedman

Paul Norman

Henry Christie

Shadow project management

Jodie Gregson

Millie Darling

Julius Arron

St Columb Minor Academy

Sara Chadwick


Richard Adams

Debbie Paice-Phillips

Karen Pearce

Taziri Gadmour

Emma Gilbert

Susanne Proven

Grand Prize Draw


Hendra Caravan company

Morgan Sindall

Raffle tickets

Ashden Awards - grant money


Foundation Stage Classes

Pupils at St Columb Minor Academy

Pupils at Blue School

St Edmund Campion Catholic Primary School

Melanie Hill

The Shanly Foundation

Karen Wilks

Francis Keay

Christopher Rowles

Petra Lancaster

Finley McLaughlin

Sam, Joe and Jacob Fernandez

St Edmund Campion school pupils Own Clothes Day

Max Baker

Georgina Duncan

Donna Fitzgerald

P Opalko

Mr and Mrs Degiorgio

Jeremy Hurst

Mo Warner

William O'Connor

Mike and Mary Goodacre

Eleanor Hamilton

Geri Zakaszewski

Liz Simmons

Pat and Alan Lang

Antonia C

D Cedrola

Heather Leonard

Raza Dukes

Mike and Geraldine Willis

Janet and Peter McIntosh

Mike and Irene Parris

Leon Liverpool

Joshua Corrigan

Megan and Connor Wiard and Iona Apted

Eve and Danie lMcTaggart

Alex, Lauren, Maddie and Zach Evans

Joseph and William Taggart's Grandparents

Josh and Ollie Brien's Grandmother

The Grandparents of Finn, Ethan and Emily Treacy

Hoonhorst Family

The Hair Studio -Wootton Way


Book Sale

Mr and Mrs Plewman

Mr and Mrs Bartlett

Green Redeem

Juliana Salaj

Paula Thomas

Nico and Carla Coles-Gomez

Tegan and Fin Mccartney

Pupil Christmas hamper raffle

School Pupil Sponsorship Money

Easter Raffle

Eco Group Own Clothes Day and Cake Sale

Offline Donation

The Manley Family

Making a Difference Locally Limited


offline donations


Costcutter Murco Garage

Greg Hurst

James Tweed

Emma McHugh

Steven Lang

Fadel Nader

Ben Berraondo

Anna Duell

S L Mifsud

Kate Foreman

Giovanna Pieltain


Lisa Swanson

Julia Evans

Breda Twomey

Alison Berry

Andrew McKell

Fiona Poots

Lucie Monk

Christine Warner

Kevin Lancaster

Aby Mitchell

Rachel Poulette

Gareth Evans

Finley McLaughlin

Emma Bickford

Marzena Stefanska

Claire Hamilton

Emma Maher

Philip Manley

Holly & Charlotte Griffiths

Yasmin & Katie Aspinall

Christine Hurst

Adele McIntosh

Natalie Degiorgio Maclaren

Hilary Basford

Anthony Purves

Murphy Camp-Overy

Zoe Brennan

Rosie Bertolotti

Natalia Gibson

Domenic Santacaterina

General Maintenance and Building Services

Paige & Nicholas Wilson

Annabel and Amanda Cronin

Ellen Hawes

Paul and Zollie Plewman

Miriam Jefferys

Vikki Emmitt

Alicia Cuadra

Tania Bertholdi

Melanie Feely

Nasreen Brittain

Dora Dominika Lefler

Elizabeth Susan Casey

Carmen Alonso

Jumana Kapasi

Piotr Muszynski

Joyce Okello

Andrew McKell

Jo Richards

Greg Boland

Anand Krishnan

Zuzana Sargent

Carolyn Foster

Gardner Leader Solicitors

Rachel Jameson

School Days Direct The Uniform Specialist

Olivier Sevenou

Amanda Palmer

Caterlink Limited

Greg O'Brien

Trevor & Gaelle Lam

Gwendolyn Gaspari

Fawns Playground Equipment

Warren Taggart

Petra Lancaster

Solar Schools roll of honour - part 5

From 2011 to 2016, 80 schools took part in our Solar Schools project to crowdfund the cost of their own solar roofs. Together they raised over £700,000 and installed over 2000 solar panels. 

The school teams worked their socks off to get their solar roofs, collecting donations from far and wide. From the 30p spent at a cake sale to the businesses giving hundreds of pounds - every generous donor owns a little part of the solar roof that they helped fund.

10:10 and each school would like to thank these donors for their support and lovely comments. Take a bow.

St Gregory & St Patrick's Catholic Community School

Richard Bottomley

Madeline Carroll

Giulia James


Philip Corlett

Harry Riley

Peter Roche

Daniel Tagg

Heidi P

Anna Mc

Susanne Proven

St Joseph's RC Primary School

Charlotte, Emma & Jamie Ditchburn

Hannah Gibson

Beau Thirsk

Joshua Smith

Dylys Steele

Madeline Carroll

Appleby Aleisha & Dakota

Ellie Mae, Maddison & Amos Appleby

Ailsa & Ryan Graham

Ella, Emily & Esther Shaw

Isaac Lowther

Angel, William, tilly & Tallulah Laidman

Ben Appleton

Sammy, Billy & Jackie Unsworth

Andrew Edgcomb

Gabriel Hoban

Jack Hallas

Isaac Naisbitt

Bethany & Lennon Hinde

Mollie Cooper

Tegan & Darcey Anderson

Lucy & Isla Farrey

Faith, Lexi & Matthew Cook Stott


Jake Winnard

Ellie Barker

Megan Hunter

Caitlin & Megan Mulligan

Harry & Noah Gibbon

Aimee Thompson

James, Joseph & Isobel Moore

Dione & Logan Garbutt

Skyla Blue Thexton Welch

John Williams

St Luke's Primary School

James Brown

Popcorn, films and fun

Brighton Energy Coop

Paul Norman

Earth Hour


Annabel Beresford

Movie morning in May

Brazilian breakfast, cake sale and beat the teacher (goalie)

Gingerbread footballers

Eco Council raffle

World Cup Fun Day

World Cup Fun Day

Bug Hotels by Year 3

Bike ride donation

World Cup Fun Day

Summer Fair

Autumn book fair

Autumn film fun

Chilean visitors

Tea Towels

Annette Bell

Dunstan Bruce

Amanda Brace

Solar Swish

Class 4 O

Christmas Movie Morning

Year 3


Eco's Got Talent

Book sale

Eco Councillors

Mirthworms Improvisation Group

Josie Darling

Fiona Byrne

Sarah Murray-Packington

Paul Dalton

Fiona Byrne

Amy Cameron

Shona Campbell

Biba Moss

Sophie Hebb

Andrea Rushworth

Milo Pentecost-Odell

Tyzer McAllister

Amy Jump

Millie Darling

PCTA launch day breakfast

Cake Sale by the School Council

Sponsored Mega Watt Challenge

Greig (oban multilingual) Holbrook

Christine Coulouris

Jane Haviland Webster

Winter Film Morning

Cara Sylvie and Kay

PCTA Valentine's Breakfast

Aldo Martinez

Les Gunbie

Silver our Solar Panels

PCTA Quiz Night

PCTA Easter Breakfast

Mark Oliver

Waitrose, Brighton

Charter 600 company of the Mercer's Charity

Mark Oliver

Brighton Lions

Paul Norman

Jake & Ethan

Tea Towels

St Vincent's School

LJMU Education and SIN

LJMU Primary Education

Geoff Stevenson

Robyn Dooley

Leah Connolly

Beth Comer

Donal McGarrigle

Norah Warburton

Liverpool Hope Students

Rotary Club of North Wirrall

West Derby Ladies Golf Club

Bulldog Pub

Rainford High Technology College

Lily Holloway

Ellie & Luis Houghton

Mr & Mrs Hornbrook

Mr & Mrs Campbell

Robeena Malik

Mr & Mrs Hall

Paris Dickson

Julie Feighan

Tracey Bate-Johnson

Christina Wade

Mr & Mrs Hansrot

Mr & Mrs Massey

Lily Gallagher

Ian Alder Sports Club

Elder Sports Ladies Darts Team

Masonic Lodge No. 477

Neil Flemming (President) West Derby Rotary Club

Sacred Heart School, West Derby

Liverpool Hope University Students

Pat Rodway

Mrs J Mc Farlane

Bala & Penllyn Rotary Club

Chris Atkin

Paul Roberts

Norah Warburton

David Swanston

Ian Roberts

Elizabeth Roberts

Sharon Jarman

Sam Patterson

John Patterson

Rebekah Clarke

Rachael Spencer

Kyle Randell

Deborah Withers

Clare Byrne

Katie Lea

Abbie Fitchett

Chloe Riley

Claire Woodberry

Rebecca Withers

Thomas Morris

Keith Clarke

Joseph Fletcher

Alison Jayne Hyde-Dryden (Connor)

Jane England

Rob Patterson

Jane Crowson

Janet King

Caroline Richardson

Jane England

Joan Brickley

Julie Cranny

Angela Power

Bernard Kenna

Gemma McNicholas

Mark Hamer

Year 4 BA QTS Liverpool Hope

Rachel Tolond

John Duck

St. Saviour's CEVC Nursery and Infant School

John and Alison Whalley

Jan Jones

Kate Clark

Bob Northwood

Caroline Ann Lyons

Abi Tanguy

Josh Clark

Cath Nicholls

Stephanie Kirk

Mariusz Jaczewski

Evelyn Hodgson Memorial Trust

Cake Sale

Kate Parmar

Emma Nix

Patrycja Shahzad

Dinah Murray

Geoff Rich

Dorottya Horvath

Emma Thomas

Attiq Ur Rehman

Emma Thomas

Edward Caron

Hannah Holman

Hazel Harris

Kirstie Dive

Geoff Rich

Kunera Moore

Stephen Henwood

Julia David

Izaro Lopez Garcia

Claire Hunton

JF Sluijs-Doyle

Richard Hughes

James Lea

Julia David

Ann Lyons

Sarah O'Brien

Jane Poyner

Mark Oliver

Harry Morgan

Ian Trimmer

The Silver Shop


Harry Morgan


Anonymous Via Ed

Marianne Vagle

Auction of Promises

Sponsored Scoot

Lego morning

Green Day


School Council

Sophie & James Gosling

Louise Holloway

Richard and Carol Craft

Ali Wilkins

Ian Waller

Windfalls Apple pressing

Rose Lollipop lady

Ronde Korte

Pam Penkman

Tim Whitemore

Kamala Banerji

Claire Whitehouse

Ruth Whitemore

Hazel Northwood

Sophie Hunt

Louise Holloway

Catherine Medhurst

William Gillbard

Huaxu Han

Paul Raithby

Heads and Tails

Alessandro Azzone

Sara Shear

Joanna Wright


Louise Holloway

Neil Webb

Karis Doy

Hannah Holman

Graeme Gets

Kate Collis

Tim Whitemore

St Saviour's Nursery

The Green Bird Cafe

Rick Holmes

Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios

Kate Edwards

J Doyle

Jamie Middleton

Chris Jupp

John Buckingham CEng

Mick & Jan


Cecily Spelling

Erica Wilson

Daffodils and suns

SASSI Tea Towels

Georgina Burton

Camillus McElhinney

Richard Clist

Starcross Primary

Iannis Ireland

Sarah Page

Alison McGregor

Ashley Tremlett

Gabrielle Maurice

Mike Smyth

Debra Watts

Alex Jelly

David Rose

Lisa Dean

Emir & Eren Budak

Rebecca Michel

Starcross Community Members

The children, families and community of Starcross

Parents and Children of Starcross School

Alan Connett

Sarah Page

Tavistock College

Peter Rodgers

Jane & Paul Ward

J Toland

Donation at Eco fayre

C Harbottle

Pure Vision Less Bulbs

Cosy Home Company

Ev Motion

Tim Alexander

Valerie Hulbert

Elaine's Stoves and Fuels

Money raised at Christmas Fayre

PTA - Sale of refreshments - Eco Fayre - 25.1.4

Wear Something Yellow Day


Sylvia Preece


Julia Curry

Wendy and Phil Stephens

Athletic meeting

Summer Concert


Duck race and Rugby ticket draw

Raffle - lower school play

Tavistock Lions (use of facilities for Balloon glow)

Car boot sale

Transition Tavistock

Julie Helm

Allan Herdman

Fiona Morecroft

Tavistock College PTA

Linda Coe

Stuar tHearne

Kate Royston

Jane Beard

Philip Ruse

Ken Shield

Umberto Bergonzini

Jonathan Wates

Rob Moule

Martin Smith

Sarah Bruce

Keith Green

Andy Barton

Anna Hildersley

Chris Northey

Susan MacLeod

Cooperative Community Fund

Jason Frise

Bethan Aldridge

Richard Roberts

Julie Stevens

Jan Montague

Helen Salmon

Sharon Samuel

Nigel Larcombe-Williams

Kevin Wilson

Jonathan Coote

Philip Saunders

Tirlebrook Primary School

Lloyd Pryce

David Bagley

Nigel Vaughan

Peter Smail

Linda Messenger


Andrew Evans

Meredith Gosden

Kathryn Goodwin

Karen Ferrier

Oberthur Technologies

Trevisker Community Primary

Sara Chadwick

Peter Cracknell

Alison Higson

Sarah Parkin

Alison Rundle

Melanie Hughes

Victoria Proctor

Paula Nederpel

Rachel Boult

Pixies Class

Sprites Class


Stephanie Welch

Gemma Lake

Rebecca Lobb

Darren Roose

William Harrigan

Sandra Backway

Kaye Pitcher

Connor Kerr

Tom Flannery

Hannah Stephens

Carol Knight

Janet Fitter

Gillian Cook

Judi Blakeburn

Rick Stein

Alan Gregory

Bags for School

Lynn Cotterill

Old MacDonald's Farm

University of Chester Academy Northwich

Donna Goulding

Steve Whatmore

11TN Chocolate Raffle

8KW 5-a-side competition

9TN Sweetie Jar

8TN 5-a-side competition

9QP Football Tournament

John Sugden Lyndon Scaffolding

David Green

7TN Dodgeball Tournament

Yr 7 Dodgeball Tournament

9QP Easter Cake Sale

B Fisher

Yr8 Students

Yr10 Sweepstake

Library Assistants

History Club

Barclays Bank

TWG (Northwich) Limited

Best of British

CRS Consultants

Sale of Ice Lollies

Collection Bucket

Karla Mundy

P Walker

Roald Dahl Day English Dept

Alexandra Skellington

Paula Phillips

Liz Blewitt

Alan Cameron

Jemma Morrell and her mum and dad!

Janet Forster

Mary-Ann Goodier

Sandra Simpson

10RS Craft Sale

10KW Craft Sale

Smarties Challenge

Elf Appeal

Santa Dash

7RS Cake Sale

7KW Sponsored Stare

7TN Tuckshop

8KW Cake Sale

8RS Coffee Morning

8QP 5-a-side

11RS Sponge Throwing

11QP Xmas Jumper Day

11KW Bushtucker Trial

Xmas Bazaar

X Box Raffle

11TN Cake Sale

Craft Sale

Dawn Hough


Michelle Asbury

Atlanta Cook

Launch Event

Winter Concert

Kelly Clark

Sara Hughes

Sponsored ArcticRowers

Stephen Boakes

Michelle Asbury

CHOCS & Sara's Sweets

Tombola Upper School Concert

Varndean School

Parents Solar Team

Richard de Visser

William Deighan

Sara Sweets

Pinch Seasonings

Pure Chocolate

Solar Schools Raffle

Head's Solar Sauce

Maggie Joint

Keith Harris

Solar Schools Christmas Raflle

Tombola Year 7 Parents

Kelly Clark

Varndean Links

Ms Mohamed

Clothes Swap Event

York High School

Guy Johnson

Sara Chadwick

Sara Boomsma


Philip Corlett

Andrew Waller

Stephen Barnes

Energise Sports Centre

Ysgol Gymuned Llanfechell

Gwawr Roberts


Robin Grove-White

Dawn Hughes

Rob Owen

Ffair Mechell

Pacio siopa yn Asda / Bag packing in Asda

Cyfraniad Sioe Nadolig / Christmas Show donation

Mia Dosbarth Derbyn

Cyfraniad Siop Ffrwythau / Fruit Shop

Jac, Sophie, Chloe Lloyd Willams

Siop Ffrwythau / Fruit Shop

Adrian Williams

Mon a Gwynedd Friends of the Earth

Michael Jones

Goodsir Coaches

Stondin Ffair Nadolig /Christmas Fair Stall

Glesni, Ceri, Cian a Cadi

Ela a Dion

Cai a Cara

Ysgol Gynradd Llandegfan

Chrissie Ley

Dorinda Gibbons

Evie Middleton Taith Feicio

Amy Harmens Arian Taith Feicio

Amy Harmens Arian

Mrs Sonia

Emily ac Abygail Evans

Arian Raffl a Ticedi Noson Elusennol / Charity Evening Raffle and Ticket Sales

Ieuan Wyn Jones (Plaid Cymru)

Edward M.Jones

Halen Mon Halen Mon

Tirion ac Enid Roberts

Roger Borlace

Sam and Joe Roberts

ElectricMount First Hydro Company

Mon a Gwynedd FoE

Beaumaris Health Centre

Mr Jones

Elizabeth Williams-Bulkeley

Beti Jones

Norman Jones

Susan & Catrin Griffiths

Mathew Wyn Jones

Chloe Leanne Jones

Mrs Sarah Plum



Sophie and Charlie Evans

Sofia Kargiotis

Adrian Williams

Mrs Williams

Diwrnod Hwyl Fun Day

St. Tegfan's Church Fair

Toby Bray

Disgo Solar/Solar Disco


Richard Mills

Gerry Wolff

Kate Elias

Lisa Owen

Carol Jones

Sion Pritchard

Gwenno Hodson

Elizabeth Williams-Bulkeley

Albert Owen MP

Issy and Robbie Kedge

Stevie Scanlan

Amy Harmens


Philip Ware

Harry Harmens

Katie Owen

Ethan Owen

Llewleyn Roberts

Cynan Roberts

Gwesty Victoria Hotel

Ffair Nadolig / Christmas Fair

Llian Lestri/Tea Towel

Mr E Davies

Stondin Llandegfan Stall

Banc Barclays punt am bunt / Barclays Bank pound for pound


Tracey Randall

Beth Hall


Ysgol Gynradd LLanfairpwll

Nanny Baker

Grandad Baker

Elin a Ianto Gruffydd

Macsen Kelly

Gwenda Travis

Adrain Williams

Bonus Ball

Marion Cliffe

Llio a Tomosmorgan

Alayne Perrott

Josh and Alex cumming

Megan Pritchard

Gwyn Pritchard

Sian Nicholson


Rhiannon Jones

Bonus Ball

Jana Mills

Helen Davies

Brian Davies

Lynne Joannou

Gillian M Baker

Mari E B Baker

Paul K Baker

Dianne Hughes

Cai Roberts

Wendy Tooze


Colin Beaton

Watkin Jones

Cyngor Ysgol

Sophia Mills

Rhiannon Jones