The Solar Schools report card

The Solar Schools project helped 80 schools put clean energy in the classroom. Schools crowdfunded the cost of the panels, which not only meant 2370 solar panels on school roofs, but along the way helped build stronger communities and change the way that people interact with carbon cutting and renewable energy.

But don't just take our word for it!



People involved are raving about Solar Schools

When we saw at school how reasonable solar had become, we decided to get solar panels too.
— Sarah Rowe, parent at Pendock primary

of volunteers consider Solar Schools to have been a positive experience personally.

of volunteers said Solar Schools was a positive experience for their school.

We’re saving lots of energy and saving money. The environment is getting saved because people are saving electricity.
— Adam, pupil at Pendock primary
The children have come up with their own ideas, and are so enthusiastic and completely behind the project the whole way
— Helen McCammond, teacher at Little Kingshill school

of volunteers feel closer to their community

of volunteers feel more confident