How to make your clothes last longer
There are a number of things that you can do to keep your clothes in good condition for longer. And them. But first Here’s our top 10 tips: Don’t leave your clothes in a pile on the floor. Hang them plastic, wooden or cloth covered hangers. Metal ones can rust and stain clothes. Wash your whites How to make your clothes last longer Use these tips to keep your favourite clothes looking (and feeling) new for longer. be all your clothes need. Find out how hard the water is in your area. This will help you gauge how the life of your clothes and uses much less energy. Don’t wash things unnecessarily. A good airing may
The Edinburgh Remakery are teaching fixing skills and saving stuff from landfill.
clothes, laptops and furniture, saving 250 tonnes of waste from landfill.
Nine tips for getting on your bike
cycling in your work clothes. But take a change of clothes with you if it’s longer. If you’ve got
Kinning Park Complex
. There’s a monthly clothes swaps, upcycling and sewing sessions - plus workshops on everything from
Renewable heat adventures with Gio in south London
into new territory. "It genuinely is time for people to don their superhero clothes and get out
Six ten-year-olds, armed with papier-mache, took on the government consultation.
sun. They got glue all over the tables and their clothes, but (or perhaps ‘therefore’) it was fun! On
Six ways to cut carbon at summer festivals
fresh and fun. Have a little clothes swapping party with your festival gang before you go, or raid a -quality gear and reuse it until it basically falls apart (then fix it and keep going)! Clothes Festivals
An unapologetically rough guide to your carbon footprint
, furniture, books, clothes, that life-size cardboard cutout of Zayn from One Direction, and so on. We don't tend to think of things like clothes or books as having their own carbon footprint, but it's
What does that eco button do?
Samsung's 'ecobubble' setting, which froths up the detergent so it can spread through your clothes more
Solar Schools roll of honour - part 4
Money Easter Raffle Eco Group Own Clothes Day and Cake Sale Offline Donation The Manley Family Making , Joe and Jacob Fernandez St Edmund Campion school pupils Own Clothes Day Max Baker Georgina Duncan
Message for pro-climate change MPs: It's Happening
arranged community gardens and eco-cinema trips, clothes fixing sessions and swap shops. It’s much
Solar Schools roll of honour - part 5
Raflle Tombola Year 7 Parents Kelly Clark Varndean Links Ms Mohamed Clothes Swap Event York High
Solar Schools roll of honour - part 1
nominating us. Ashmole Primary School Clothes Recylcing Bank at Ashmole Karen Dawson PSA Film Night
Solar Schools roll of honour - part 3
Mrs Beattie Friends of Mabe School Clothes Sale Mabe School Yellow Day Miranda Davies Maple Tree Lower
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