Did you know Prince used to secretly buy people solar panels? 

Now we’re fundraising to put solar on the roofs of six organisations fighting for the causes he believed in. Will you help?

Until Prince's birthday on 7th June we're raising money to extend and honour his legacy of supporting clean energy and communities.

Be part of it. Give some solar today and claim your reward.

For more info have a look at the FAQs.


We’ve got limited edition goodies up for grabs when you donate to our solar fundraiser (UK only). Get in quick before they run out!

Give £50 and you get a limited edition gallery-quality A2 print of Prince by artist Fraser Gillespie (no frame).

Click image for a closer look.

Give £30 and you get a copy of Prince: The Man & the Music, the first five are signed by biographer Matt Thorne.

Give £20 and you get a voucher for a tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, plus a 10:10 tag.

And if you've just got a tenner, we'll send you a 10:10 tag. These rewards are for UK donors only. Numbers are limited so it's first come first served. 

Where the solar is going

What you're saying

Prince was my favourite artist of the 80s. Now I hear he was a secret solar hero too, I love him even more. Long live solar. Long live Prince.
I was given a subsidy for my solar so this is one of my small ways of paying back
Let’s paint that red corvette green!
Keep up the wonderful work building a better future. We’re with you.


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