Sufra NW London


The Sufra NW foodbank and community kitchen has only been around since 2013, but they’re already making an incredible difference to their community. Every year they collect distribute over 48 tonnes of food and support nearly 4,000 people.

Their work doesn’t stop there - in fact the food bank is only a gateway to a huge range of services. They’ve got a long term view, so they offer things ranging from food academies to welfare surgeries - all aimed at tackling the long term causes of food poverty as well as encouraging skill development, employability and the health and wellbeing of those they work with.

Surfa NW like to bring an environmental awareness to the social good they do. Whether that’s rescuing food wastage or growing their own fruit and veg, they understand the importance of preserving our environment. So solar panels make perfect sense. Solar will also help the group cut their bills so they can deliver more food parcels to more families each year.

We're fundraising to put solar panels on Surfa NW and five other organisations working on causes close to Prince's heart. Will you chip in to help them out?

Photos: Oliver Rudkin