Win a Q&A with Prince biographer Matt Thorne (closed)

This auction is now closed. Congratulations to the winner!

Prince was a man of many mysteries - that’s part of what made him the megastar that he was. 

And it’s part of what makes his story so special. You just never knew when you might find out something new and fascinating about him.

Now you have the chance to quiz his biographer Matt Thorne and find out everything you wanted to know about the man himself. Get your bid in now and start thinking up your questions!

On 21st April 2016 when, tragically, Prince passed away. His friend and - as it turned out - collaborator, Van Jones, gave a tearful eulogy on CNN and revealed that Prince had been secretly supporting solar energy for marginalised communities in Oakland, California (amongst a host of other worthwhile social causes). 

Wow! (we thought), what can we do to honour this incredible, forward-looking and inspiring legacy?

So on the anniversary of Prince's death, we launched our fundraiser campaign to carry on the solar giving - aiming to provide free solar to six amazing non-profit groups around the UK.

Prince biographer-extraordinaire Matt Thorne was one of those who picked up and supported the campaign early on - so we invited him in further. He agreed to sit down and spend an hour answering all the questions the highest-bidding Prince fan could throw at him to help us raise some extra cash.

Matt is an unrivalled mine of information and insight into one of the most secretive megastars of music. His mission to document and uncover every aspect of Prince’s legendary career is unparalleled. He was at exclusive gigs at Paisley Park and met Prince’s closest collaborators - as well as the man himself many times.

Speaking about the writing of the book he revealed:

It took me seven years to write. I approached everyone I possibly could, listened to every last note that was available to me, watched every video, all the films, read all the books and articles, went to literally hundreds of shows and tried to distill all that into six hundred pages

So, this is your chance to put any question you like to a world authority on Prince. You never know what you might find out this time...

Want in? It’s all yours, but first you’ve got to get your bid in! Of course, all proceeds from the auction go towards our fundraiser. 

Instant reward more your thing? No problem - make a direct donation and you can pick up a free copy of Matt’s book (signed by Matt) or a limited edition, exclusive and gallery-grade A2 Prince print. 

Want more on Matt? Check out his quest to know everything there is to know about Prince here.