Run your own Prince fundraiser

If you’ve wanted an excuse to get your friends over for a dinner party, have a picnic in the park, or belt out your favourite Prince hits - well, what better time to do it than now?

Here are some of our favourite ideas:

Have a Prince-themed karaoke night.

Love Prince? Love his music? Love an opportunity to get your friends together and belt your heart out? Why not throw a karaoke night? Prince is notoriously difficult to sing at karaoke (his range was something us mere mortals can only dream of), but we think it’d be pretty hilarious to have everyone try singing Kiss! Don’t forget to charge an entry fee.

Organise a wear-purple-to-work day.

Corporate gear can get tiring - so many dark colours, so many uncomfortable shoes. Why not kick off those heels for purple socks, or swap those trousers for purple leggings? Get your whole office to wear purple to work, and raise much needed funds to give solar to groups working on causes Prince believed in.

Have a raffle.

Throwing a dinner party? Or maybe a picnic in the park? Get some cool knick-knacks together, or get your friends to bring a prize and raffle them off. Pledge auctions tend to do well and can be really fun. Can one of your friends offer to bake a cake every week, or clean your house, take your dog's photo with their snazzy camera...? All the raffle proceeds go to putting solar panels on social change organisations.

Throw a purple-food dinner party.

Purple food is delicious. There's beetroot, cupcakes with purple icing, red cabbage (it’s purple really!), aubergines, blueberries... the possibilities are endless. Get some friends together, get creative with your food, and bask in the deliciousness - and in Prince’s legacy. Don’t forget to ask for tips.

Set up a donation tin at work.

If you’re short on time, get a (purple) tin and donate the proceeds to our campaign online!

Party like it’s 1999.

Why not throw a party in Prince's honour? After all, the 1990s is seriously back in fashion. Charge for tickets - or a little donation in exchange for a drink.  

Run a marathon dressed in purple.

If a casual 5k sounds like your thing, or there's a 10k run coming up in your area, why not go the extra distance and make it a Prince-themed charity run? Do the whole thing dressed in purple, or strap a toy guitar to your back. And glitter, lots of glitter. (Just don’t run in heels - we know Prince loved them, but safety first!).

Does all that sound like too much hassle?

You can just give your cold hard cash! Then share with your friends and get them to donate too. Easy peasy. 

Once you've had your event, send us some pictures! Then you can donate the money on our website. 

Banner photo: Ann Fisher, creative commons