Profile: Harry loves table tennis so much he's playing for 24 hours straight!

Harry Fairchild is one of the hardcore ping pongers who will be playing table tennis throughout the night this weekend to raise money for our Prince solar fundraiser.

Harry started playing table tennis four years ago and he’s now the UK’s number one player with Down’s Syndrome. Right now he’s training hard for the European Championships in October. So 24 hours of solid table tennis will be perfect to get in some extra practice.

According to Harry, keeping going the whole night will be easy: “I love playing so much I am not going to stop.”

But that’s not the only reason he’s taking part. He also loves Prince’s music and he loves solar too. “It is so good to use the sun to give us the energy we need.”

Harry is also the world’s first table tennis coach with Down’s Syndrome. Five times a week he coaches children from local school St Luke’s primary. Under his watchful eye they’re getting pretty good now. As it happens, St Luke’s is also a fan of solar. They took part in 10:10’s Solar Schools project and installed 40 solar panels on their school roof in 2015. Hopefully a few of the kids will be cheering Harry on as he plays through the night so that other community groups can feel the awesome benefits of solar too.

“Come down to the Brighton Table Tennis Club it is the best”.

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