"Long live solar, long live Prince"

Psst! Did you know music legend Prince used to secretly give people solar panels. Inspired by this amazing legacy, hundreds of you have donated to put solar on six community groups fighting for health, community, creativity and a better world for everyone.

We’ve already raised £14,000 - that’s almost enough to install solar on two of our community groups! For each group, solar will mean cutting carbon and saving on their energy bills. and they couldn’t do it without you. Thank you for helping build our low carbon future.

Lots of people have left messages of love for Prince, solar and the amazing projects. Here’s a selection.

We need more solar panels and more community projects - keep up the good work!
— Alex, Coventry
Two things very close to my heart, Prince & sustainability - this project makes me really happy <3
— Jenny, Maidstone
Prince was my favourite artist of the 80s. I even camped out overnight to get tickets for his lovesexy tour. A true maestro - his legacy cannot be overlooked.

Now I hear he was a secret solar hero too, I love him even more. What a great way to honour the joy Prince’s music brought to me and millions of others.

Long live solar. Long live Prince.
— Andree, Kingston
The government is determined to subsidise fossil fuels over renewables. Let’s show them that the British people care.
— Ian, Edinburgh
Energy independence and local generation is crucial and I hope that this installation removes a headache from your vital work!
— David, Gloucestershire
Have been a huge fan of Prince ever since his Sign O’ The Times album.[...] So it’s awesome to learn that the man was not only a maverick song writer, instrumentalist and performer, but also a forward thinking altruist who was aware of the possibilities beyond fossil fuels.
— Karl, Tunbridge Wells
Keep up the wonderful work building a better future. We’re with you.
— Malachi, London
So heartened to hear that someone with such a high profile did so many positive things for people & the planet, a truly great guy. Left us too soon.
— Thomas, Dover
I had no idea that Prince was such a rainbow warrior.
Long may his legacy of solar continue to help people and the planet.
— Rose, Worcester
Let’s paint that red corvette green!
— Andy, London

Banner photo: Oliver Rudkin