Wolverley community kick off flood defence scheme with ceremonial tree planting.

Images: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ffa7ic0tkb1thd4/AABSyT3Wl2d9d8akDB_EeGsMa?dl=0

A new community flood defence scheme was launched in the village of Wolverley with ceremonial tree planting.

Trees offer an effective natural way of slowing the flow of potentially devastating water. Over the course of this year, local volunteers guided by the Wolverley Flood Forum will plant thousands of trees together with the support of the National Flood Forum and 10:10 Climate Action. By planting these trees the community will reduce flood risk in the village whilst also combating a key contributor to floods - climate change.

Over the last decade the community in Wolverley have been flooded on four occasions. By using natural means to help counter this the participants aim to raise local and national awareness of the impact of flooding, as well as  ways in which communities can combat it. With the help of 10:10 Climate Action and the National Flood Forum, more communities across the UK are expected to follow the model piloted by Wolverley in the years to come.

The project is funded by Postcode Local Trust, a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, and Aviva Community Fund.

Ellie Roberts, campaign manager at 10:10 Climate Action said:

With climate change set to make flooding more common, the people of Wolverley are taking a lead to protect themselves. The thousands of trees they'll plant next year will not only help the community be more resilient to flooding, they'll also suck carbon from the atmosphere, helping us all keep global warming to a minimum.

Chris Rees of Wolverley Flood Forum said:

Having been a flood victim with my family of two teenage girls and my wife Lynne plus dog and cats and chickens I remember the grief and stress a flood event can create. My elderly mother and other vulnerable village residents were also affected and in many ways we became responsible for helping them, both during the floods of 2007, and the big clear up after, plus 12 months of works to get straight.

Wolverley is a beautiful place, like many places near to water. Here we are in a steep valley and if nature contrives to throw a deluge at you, your heart can miss a beat. We are hoping the natural flood management scheme will help to improve things and reduce the flood risk to the village and its residents. The opportunity we have will hopefully benefit us for many generations to come.


For further information and requests for interviews:  Ellie Roberts, campaign manager, [email protected]  0207 388 6688.

Notes to editors:

  • 10:10 Climate Action is a UK based charity that brings people together to take positive, practical action on climate change. We engage citizens and communities in finding solutions that benefit the climate as well as improving people’s lives today.  http://1010uk.org/.

  • ‘Grow’ is 10:10 Climate Action’s campaign working in partnership with the National Flood Forum to help communities fight flooding and climate change through mass tree planting led by local people

  • The National Flood Forum exists to support individuals and communities at risk of flooding and have been doing this across the country since 2002.