10:10 reaction to the capacity market auction

In response to this week's Capacity Market auction Cecily Spelling, campaign manager at climate charity 10:10, said -

This year’s capacity market auction has finally brought forward some investment in new UK gas power stations - and it is encouraging to see more battery and pumped hydro storage win contracts. However, in total it will see over £1bn of public money awarded to fossil fuel generators, at least £154m of which is destined for the most polluting energy sources - coal and diesel.

The capacity market should be better designed to assist the UK’s transition to low carbon electricity. Yet these new payments to fossil fuel generators stand in stark relief to government’s ban in support to our cheapest energy source, clean onshore wind. On Wednesday wind power set a new UK generation record, confirming its place once again as a mainstream energy technology.

If the Government is serious about a clean energy future it must reform the capacity market to ensure storage and flexibility are better incentivised, and end the ban on financial support for our cheapest energy source - onshore wind.

For further information: Max Wakefield, lead campaigner, max.wakefield or 0207 388 6688.