Powering Parks

Parks are the perfect place to take kids to play, enjoy a quiet stroll or have a kick about. But they cost money to maintain - something councils have less and less of.

So we’re working on a clever solution: using heat pumps in parks to generate low carbon heat. A heat pump is a cunning device for collecting the ambient heat all around us - in the air, the ground or bodies of water - concentrating it, and pumping it into spaces we need to warm.

Not only does this help tackle climate change by replacing the burning of gas in boilers, but councils can save money on their heating bills and reinvest the cash to make the parks even better.

Parks are one the last places left where all sections of society mix, so it’s really exciting to be able to work with them to demonstrate what is possible in creating climate solutions.

We’re working with Hackney council and energy experts Scene to investigate installing heat pumps in parks to provide heat to nearby buildings. Based on what we find, we plan to build some heat pumps, prove the model works and share what we’ve learned so that other local authorities can do the same!

The project is in its early stages so stay tuned as more develops. Get in touch if you're inspired to do something similar in your area.

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