Look Up harnesses smartphone tech to let anyone size up a roof for solar panels in seconds – a solar treasure hunt.


The app 

10:10 had been working with a community energy group called Repower Balcombe to install solar panels. On the train one day, our campaign director Leo saw a huge roof out the window. “How much solar could you fit on there!?” he wondered.

So Look Up was born. The app used the camera, compass and spirit level in phones to quickly assess whether a roof would be suitable for solar. We launched it with a competition to find the most solar roofs in the summer of 2016, and throughout the next year ran treasure hunts for groups to go find the solar potential of their area.

The app is still available on Android




continents had roofs spotted


kettles could be powered by the solar we discovered


Great concept Looking forward to try out this app and snapping as many roofs as possible. Better to look up than down!