The way we buy our electricity needs to change. Right now we’re stuck in a system designed for big power stations that doesn’t let communities get the value from their local renewable resources.

So we’re supporting a new way of doing things. Energy Local gets communities working together to cut out the middlemen, reduce their bills and increase the income for renewable energy generators.

The first project is well established and running with 100 households in Bethesda, north Wales. Plus, there are five more projects across Wales gearing up to launch this year, and another we're working on in London.

While there’s lots of technology and clever structures behind the idea, it’s real strength comes from the communities working together to have more of an influence on the energy system and the way they buy their power.

And for renewable generators across the country, the benefits could be huge. If renewable generators can get a better price for their power, then more projects will be possible, helping us move towards the low carbon future we need.


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