In autumn 2018, ministers announced plans to stop paying people with solar panels for the energy they produce. Instead it would go for free to corporate energy companies.

That isn’t just unfair. It’s quite literally daylight robbery. We mustered solar supporters to stop it.


The campaign

Ministers decided if you installed solar after March 2019, you will no longer get the ‘export tariff’ which pays you for the surplus power you export to the grid for use by others.

7000 solar fans wrote to our MPs demanding a fair price for solar. Thousands more signed our petition to the minister. 50 of us headed to parliament on a cold December morning to form Westminster’s first pop up solar farm.

The government listened - and put out a new policy much quicker than expected! The big electricity companies will have to pay people for the power they produce. Solar owners can pick the best deal using this handy league table.


solar fans stood up for solar



profile raising press shout outs


MPs came to our events to show their support for solar