Sadly we are no longer running this project and this page will not be updated. 

You don't have to look far for bad news on climate change, but there are signs of progress all around us.

We asked a some people what makes them feel hopeful. 

Climate change Youtuber Climate Adam tells us how the world's reaction to Trump pulling out of Paris makes him feel hopeful. 

Carly McLachlan, director of Tyndall Manchester, tells us how US mayors committing to clean energy makes her feel hopeful.

Richard Ecclestone, governor of Ludwell primary school, tells us how the sayings of his pupils make him feel hopeful. 

Dr Sarah Bell, Director of the Engineering Exchange at UCL, tells us how the movement of people tackling climate change makes her feel hopeful. 

Alex Agyemang, intern at Brixton Energy tell us why his job makes him feel hopeful. 

Carla Stephan from Fossil Free Health tells us how the tonnes of organisations that are divesting make her feel hopeful. 

Jack Cunningham, trustee of 10:10, tells us how the businesses tackling climate change make him feel hopeful about climate change. 

Georgina Stevens, sustainability advisor, cyclist, author, and 1010 Trustee tells how Forest Schools make her feel hopeful about climate change.

Sam Hall, from liberal conservative think tank Bright Blue, tells us why the tumbling cost of low carbon tech makes him feel hopeful.

Dan Jones from 10:10 explains how seeing changes in a well known place makes him feel hopeful about climate change. 

Vwede Okorefe from 10:10 tells us why cities getting creative with their space makes her feel hopeful. 

Eric Schloss from Repowering London tells us how Londoners coming together in difficult times fills him with hope.

Mal Chadwick, founder of 10:10's Climate Hope project, tells us how the changes in his city make him feel hopeful about climate change.