Do you know how to fix your laptop, bike, jumper or chair? At the Edinburgh Remakery, they're teaching fixing skills and saving stuff from landfill.

Clare and her team from Teckels Animal Sanctuary are caring for homeless cats and dogs and the planet with solar power and renewable heating. 

From the start, Westmill wind co-op involved the whole community. Since they installed the five turbines in 2008, 10,000 people have visited.

Anthony Lau is making it easier to get around on two wheels. He's the creator of Cyclehoop - an innovative, subversive way to turn lamp posts and car parking spaces into bike racks.

Anthony never liked chucking bagels away at the end of the day. So he teamed up with Franklin's Brewery to brew the old bagels into beer.

Young people in Hackney grew up playing in a playground with solar panels on the roof. Now they're leading the renewables revolution.