Guidance for applicants

Applying for a job at 10:10? Here's what we'd love to see in your application.


Stick to the person specification

  • Make sure you read the job description before you start writing. Then make sure your letter clearly shows us how you meet each of the requirements listed in the person specification - that’s the kind of person we’re after.

  • Don’t just say you’re great at each of the requirements, show it. Use concrete examples of when you’ve used your great skills in time management or fabulous phone manner - or whatever it is the job description says you need.

  • Remember you can draw on paid and voluntary experience for the examples.

  • Using each requirement as a heading can really help structure your covering letter or personal statement. It’s way easier for us to see how your skills and experience match up with our job. Bear in mind we’ll be reading dozens, if not hundreds, of applications, so setting your skills and experience out clearly is a big plus.

Tell us why you want to work here

  • When you write about why you’ve applied for the job, make sure you talk about 10:10 in particular. Show us that you’ve looked at our website and you’ve thought about what we do as an organisation and how you can contribute. You don't need to be a die-hard activist to work here, but you do need to believe in what we're doing.

  • We’re after passion and enthusiasm (it’s often the case in the charity sector) so let your own voice and personality shine through. Make sure you use some short personal examples to demonstrate your commitment.

  • It’s also important to make it clear why you want to do the particular role you’re applying for. Why are you applying for a campaigning, or fundraising, or communications role? Is it different from your previous experience, or will it build on what you know already?

  • If it’s an internship that’s designed to help someone find their feet in an industry - tell us what will you get out of it and where you hope it’ll lead.

Keep it short and simple

  • Don’t talk about every bit of experience you’ve ever had - pick the stuff that’s most relevant to the role you’re applying for.

  • If you’ve done something that’s super relevant to the role make sure you describe it fully as it will really make your application stand out.

  • Make it clear what you did, using ‘I’ instead of ‘we’, and spell out what you achieved or how you were successful.  

  • If you’re applying using a CV and covering letter, keep them concise. If you’re filling in an application form, stick to the word limits.

And finally

  • If there's anything you're not sure about, don't just guess – it's fine to call us and ask!