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We’ve got one freelance position going at the moment.

Wanted: Writer for project on the future of heat (freelance)

10:10 Climate Action is looking to commission a series of short non-fiction stories about the future of heat.

We’re looking for someone to find and write up around 8-10 stories, each exploring an idea for how we might, in the future, heat and cool ourselves, our water and our buildings. How long these stories are is something we can discuss when you pitch them, it partly depends on your approach and style as well as the stories themselves. We’ll be working with an illustrator (or possibly set of illustrators, again it slightly depends on your pitch to us) to add visuals to the texts, with the aim of producing a book in June 2019. It is part of a series of projects on decarbonising heat 10:10 are conducting this year, supported by a grant from the UK Energy Research Centre.

Examples of the sorts of stories we’d be looking for:

  • Heating a swimming pool using waste heat from a crematorium.

  • Heating schools, homes and businesses using the heat from the London underground.

  • Tapping London’s “lost rivers” for heat.

  • Turning old gasometers into parks (and then sticking a load of heat pumps under them).

  • Smart jumpers, rather than smart houses (but probably smarter housing stock too…).

  • Make dressing gowns fashionable again.

  • Some other idea from materials science, fashion, civil engineering, or somewhere else entirely that we haven’t heard of yet.

At least 50% of the innovators featured in the final collection must be female. We’re also keen to represent a range of different approaches to innovation, and a range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

We can pay you a fixed fee of £4k for this project. You’d be expected to send us sketch of the final piece (i.e. pitch the stories that you might include) by the start of March, with a first draft by the start of April and finalised text ready for publication in June.

If you are interested, please email by 12pm, Monday 21st January. Tell us a bit about yourself and link to some examples of your writing. We’d also like you to pitch at least one story about heat futures to us, so we can get a taste of the sorts of stories you’d be able to bring to us (though we expect to help you find the full set).

Any questions? Again, email We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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