The British public are big fans of onshore wind power. But the government don't get it.

Will you stand up for onshore wind?


Onshore wind power is cheap, popular and helps us tackle climate change. But the government is blocking it at every turn.

Together, we've been standing up for onshore wind power. But we’re not finished - there’s plenty more to do to make sure wind powers our low carbon future. 

Will you join us? 


"I just don't like onshore wind because..." We've all been in a conversation like that. But onshore wind needs champions - so we've collected some common misconceptions so next time you talk about onshore wind, you have a few things up your sleeve.


There's plenty more you can do to put the wind back in our sails.

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Want to know more about why wind blows us away? We've drilled into the details. 

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