The British public are big fans of onshore wind power. But the government don't get it.

Will you stand up for onshore wind?

Wind turbines are clean, cheap and incredibly popular.

But the government is tying them in red tape. New planning rules are so tight it’s almost impossible to build new turbines in England - even if the community wants them.

Now the government is trying to sneak those rules into law - and we’ve got until April 28th to make ourselves heard through a public consultation. Stand up for wind power. Add your voice.

Specifically, we're asking the government to:

  • Give local authorities the resources they need to specify sites for onshore wind.

  • Either remove the unique requirement for local community ‘backing’ for onshore wind applications, or explain clearly what it means to remove uncertainty for onshore wind development.

  • Make community-scale wind projects exempt from the new rules to allow farmers, businesses and communities to develop onsite and local energy.

If you want to know more, we've written a guide to why this matters. And you can read the letter we'll be sending here.



"I just don't like onshore wind because..." We've all been in a conversation like that. But onshore wind needs champions - so we've collected some common misconceptions so next time you talk about onshore wind, you have a few things up your sleeve.


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