The Blown Away quiz sources

The Blown Away quiz makes a number of assumptions, but seeks to provide an indicative sense of the scale of support being offered to fossil fuel generators, compared to the total absence of support for onshore wind power at scale.

Our estimations were derived from the following sources:

7GW of onshore wind capacity using £550m is based on Cornwall Energy estimates (scaled), endorsed by RenewableUK.

2,800 turbines is derived by dividing 7GW by average turbine size of 2.5MW, assumption used by RSPB in their 2050 Energy Vision report.

18.4tWh annual energy delivered also scaled from RSPB 2050 Energy Vision report.

6% of UK annual electricity demand derived by scaling from a New Scientist article which states Hinkley C would provide 24tWh annually, equating 7% of annual UK electricity demand.

£550m spent on diesel and coal power refers to £549m worth on capacity market contracts allocated to diesel (£176m) and coal (£373m) fired electricity generators in the 2014 and 2015 capacity market auctions.

Two further capacity market auctions will run in December 2016 and January 2017, and are expected to allocate around £1bn. For more information click here.