The power of the wind

Wind power is the superstar of the UK’s decarbonisation. Together, onshore and offshore project make up third of all renewable energy capacity in the UK, and in 2015 over 10% of all the electricity we used came from wind power. The UK has the 6th largest collection of wind turbines in the world - and three times more per person than China.

Onshore wind is now indisputably a mainstream, mature technology - and already cheaper than a new gas power station to build if you included the true cost of carbon. By 2020 it will almost certainly be cheaper to build onshore wind than gas on any measure you care to choose.

It’s not just the big boys that are in on the action either. For two whole decades now community wind projects have been sprouting up over the UK - beating climate change and strengthening communities as they go. But it’s not only community owned schemes that do good - at least £230m will be paid into community benefit schemes by commercial wind projects that are already built over their lifetimes.

And all that from a standing start only five or so years ago. It’s really an incredible and inspiring story, let’s ensure it doesn’t end here putting climate action on ice.

Photo: Kevin Jaako Creative Commons