A windy Wednesday for Conservative MPs

Onshore wind is clean, cheap and popular. That’s a win win win. The trouble is, the government's policies have been standing in its way since 2015.

With the majority of MPs massively misinformed when it comes to onshore wind, it’s almost impossible to get wind back on the table. As well as hugely overestimating public opposition, many MPs don’t even realise it’s now the cheapest source of energy.

But if there’s one thing we know about MPs it’s that they want to keep their voters happy. So on Wednesday 30th January, 1010ers travelled to Westminster to make sure their MPs got wised up on wind.


46 wind-lovers from 33 constituencies, from Monmouth to the Derbyshire Dales, St Ives to East Hampshire, pulled their MPs out of Brexit talks and into a conversation about clean energy.

Working with the Conservative Environment Network, we organised a drop-in reception in parliament for MPs to talk with their constituents, and learn that (despite what they might of thought) their voters love wind!

Today’s been brilliant. I have sent emails to my MP, Sir Bernard Jenkin, before, but having the chance to meet him in person, build that relationship and see him listening to me is something very different.

But the event has been more than speaking to my MP. I feel more informed about onshore wind, met loads of great people, and, the best bit, have been connected with another climate activist from my constituency! Jill is keen to do more work on decarbonising our constituency, so we’ll keep in touch and work together.

It is easy to feel like you are the only person in your community that is concerned about climate change so to meet others that feel the same and be able to put shared energies to good use is very uplifting.
— Chris Bowden, 10:10 supporter

We know onshore wind is cheap and popular, and now 33 Conservative MPs know it too!

Thanks so much to everyone who came.

Photos: Peter Holman