The wind was blowing strong this October

October was quite a month when it came to mischievous weather messing up your hair, blowing your umbrella inside out and stealing your newspaper.

But all that wind meant it was an absolute cracker for wind power.

Over the course of the month, Scottish wind power produced enough electricity for nearly all the homes in Scotland. To be precise, it was enough for 87% of homes. That’s 87% of TVs watching the Bake Off final and 87% of the kettles boiled for a cuppa immediately after it’d finished!

The number crunchers at WWF Scotland think that meant they avoiding sending at least one million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. So it was good news for climate change.  

Compared to last October, wind power in Scotland was up by over a quarter. In the 12 months they’ve built newer and more efficient turbines, so they really can make the most of their natural resource.

And the first weekend of November looked good as far as wind power went too. As we held sparklers and toffee apples with chilly gloved hands on Saturday night, 25% of the whole of the UK’s electricity was coming from wind power. And it went up to 30% later in the night! You can track how much wind power is being produced right now with our Wind Dial.

With all that wind blowing around (the winter is sure to bring us plenty more!), we need to make sure we’re making the most of the it. But the UK government has robbed onshore wind of financial support, simultaneously handing hundreds of millions to dirty fossil fuels. We've handed in an 18,000 strong petition demanding dirty fossil fuel electricity is not given more public money than clean onshore wind power. Sign up to find out more ways you can back onshore wind. 

Photo: Jaimi-Lee Beale, Creative Commons