When it comes to climate hope, the UK is a divided nation.

To celebrate Climate Hope Day, we teamed up with polling company ComRes to find out how optimistic the British public feel about climate change.

And, like so many things lately - we’re split straight down the line: 44% feel hopeful about our chances of combating climate changes, 42% don’t.

When we asked them if they’d heard about some big stories of climate optimism, plenty were in the dark. Less than a third had heard that the UK had its first coal-free day since the industrial revolution, and 28% heard about the record breaking days solar power has had lately. And even less - a measly 9% - knew Scotland had just switched on their first tidal turbine.

But once the people we polled had found out about these stories, positivity was way up. Hearing about the UK's recent renewable energy records left 54% of people feeling positive about the UK’s ability to tackle climate change (and only 2% feeling negative). And 51% feel positive when presented the Scottish tidal turbine story.

Climate Hope Day is all about collecting some of our favourite stories of climate hope from around the world. We’ve got an animal sanctuary using solar panels to better care for kittens and the planet, an amazing community wind farm that’s inspiring local children, London black cabs going electric, and carbon cutting breweries.

But clearly we need to get them out there! The point of a good story is to tell it, after all. So pick your favourite and shout it from the rooftops!

If you want to read the full report from ComRes, fill your boots.

Banner photo: Andy Aitchison