What a weekend: volunteer tree planting in Wolverley!

Last weekend, 80 volunteers headed to Wolverley, Worcestershire to plant trees.

Wolverley has been flooded four times in the last decade, so the trees will not only tackle climate change, they’ll help defend the village from future flooding too.

It was fantastic to see people coming together from across the country - from uni students to scouts to retired folk to families. Everyone grabbed a spade and mucked in.

With masses of gusto they braved the chilly weather (and quite a few spots of rain!). Cups of tea from the outdoor wood-burning kettle kept spirits high, not to mention a lovely low carbon vegan lunch.


Over the weekend we planted 200 trees and 2000 whips (that’s little trees) that’ll grow into about 500m of hedgerow. They will protect the village from flooding for decades to come.


Definitely a weekend well spent!