Hooray! We helped Resilient Energy over the line!

A couple of weeks ago we wrote to you about our friends, Resilient Energy.

Their wind turbines don’t just make electricity, they’ve bought defibrillators and supported local schools, as well as tackling climate change. They’ve been fighting a high court decision that has blocked their latest community wind turbine, and raising funds to appeal. We asked if you could help.

Wow, did you deliver.

They were thinking about pulling the plug on their appeal. But, just minutes after our email went out, donations came pouring in. Blown Away supporters gave money but, more than that, you gave them hope and friendship.

You showed that people up and down the country support onshore wind power. With wind so under attack right now, that’s important.

Resilient’s appeal to the high court is just one small battle though. We need to win the larger war.

Our Blown Away campaign will be supporting groups like Resilient, making sure stories of great wind projects like theirs get told. We’ll be busting all those myths politicians and the press seem happy to spread about turbines. We’ll be shouting about how much public money fossil fuels get while clean energy is frozen out, and exposing double standards when it comes to planning permission for wind compared to gas.

But we need your help to make those dreams a reality. Can you help us to continue fighting for onshore wind?