Two minutes to help us tackle climate change: 10:10 needs your vote!

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We all know someone who’s felt the terrible effects of flooding, and climate change means it’s only going to get worse.

The village of Wolverley in Worcestershire has been flooded four times in the past decade; locals want to take action on flooding and climate change, and we want to help.

We’ve got a chance to receive funding to work with the community to create natural flood defences - like planting trees on the river banks. Not only will trees slow the flow of water, but they’ll also soak up carbon, and get local people talking about climate change at the same time.

But to win funding, we need your vote.

Wolverley has schools, pubs and lots of houses at risk of flooding. The trees planted now will not just help keep water at bay, they’ll suck carbon out of the atmosphere for decades to come, and help spark conversations about things everyone can do to tackle climate change.

Please help this community take climate action - vote for 10:10 now.

This funding competition is run by Aviva and 10:10 is not officially affiliated with them.

Banner image: Graham Bland, cc