Looking for a new climate solution? Try a forest.

We often think of solutions to climate change as big ideas and new innovations. But the ancient and magnificent tree has a vital part to play in tackling climate change.

First, a quick science lesson. Carbon dioxide is one of the gases in our atmosphere. We need some of it to trap the sun’s rays and keep the Earth warm. But, when we humans started burning fossil fuels in a big way, we release a LOT of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

With so many greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, too much of the sun’s heat is being trapped. So the Earth gets hotter, global temperatures rise... and that’s climate change folks.

One way we can tackle it is to find alternatives to burning fossil fuels (which we really need to support). But we also need to get rid of some of that carbon. And that’s where trees come in. Because trees eat carbon.

Trees, like all green plants, get their food by a process called photosynthesis. Plants absorb light and carbon dioxide through their leaves, and suck up water with their roots. They put it all together to make glucose sugar to eat, and release oxygen as a handy bi-product.

In essence, trees eat up the carbon that we’re pumping into their air. They’re a vital part of our efforts to tackle climate change. That means not chopping down our forests around the world, and it means planting plenty more trees besides. The more trees, the more carbon-eating, the better our chances of combatting climate change.

That’s why we’re working in Wolverley to plant trees. The community are tackling climate change and defending themselves against flooding at the same time.

Photo: Andrew Birch, cc