Top five windy days out

When a blustery and breezy weekend or half term holiday rolls around, it can be tempting to cuddle up on the sofa. But why not make the most of the windy weather? Here are five things you and your kids will love on windy days.

1. Fly a kite

Mary Poppins, eat your heart out. Get a kite out the cupboard, then head to a nice tall hill. It might take a bit of practice to get the kite flying, but a few good gusts should send it soaring up to the highest heights.

Photo: Karen Lee  Creative Commons

Photo: Karen Lee Creative Commons

2. Make a pinwheel

If you love craft, this is for you. It’s dead easy to make a pinwheel - you just need some paper, scissors, a pencil and a pin. And any decorations of course - think glitter, sparkly pens, sequins...!

There are plenty of templates online to get you started.

Then pin them onto the top of a pencil and take them outside to watch them spin!

3. Visit a wind farm

Is there a wind turbine near your house? Go visit!

Make a day of it with a picnic and some games. Some wind turbines have visitor centres and the coolest will take you on tours to the top!

4. Run like the wind

If visiting with a bunch of kids wasn’t enough, why not take your morning run into a wind farm? Fitness app data shows that loads of runners love routes that go past wind turbines - they'll go out of their way to run by. Challenge yourself to a longer run and see how many you can spot.

Photo: Michael Dawes  Creative Commons

Photo: Michael Dawes Creative Commons

5. Go wind surfing

Or kite surfing. Or sand surfing. Or regular surfing. Windy days are the perfect weather for catching the tides.

Head to the beach - but it is chilly, so you’ll probably need a wetsuit!

Photo: Junilus Creative Commons