Together, we helped 24 local energy projects go ahead

Back in October, people building locally-owned wind, sun and water power were ambushed by a sneaky government cut, giving them just weeks to raise the funds they need.

Everyone teamed up to help them beat the clock. Loads of people donated via our Clean Energy Dash campaign, but it wasn't just us. Many others invested directly in the projects too.

And here's the amazing bit. In just a few weeks, the British public poured about £13m into community energy, and 24 projects raised enough money to go ahead.

These volunteer-driven projects – often years in the making – are building the clean power we need, and putting the profits back into the local community.

Now the government's cut has come into force, new projects will have a much harder time getting financed. Lots of projects have already fallen through, including in our beloved Balcombe - where the community had to pull out of a plan to build a nature-friendly solar park to power the whole village.

The future is very uncertain for community energy, but in the last month you've proved what we're capable of, and shown just how much the British public love renewable energy. And that's a story worth sharing and celebrating.

And if you didn't get around to investing, don't worry, there's still time! Some of the projects have opened new share offers to top up their fundraising. If you did, why not share the great news?