Together, we are unstoppable

When it comes to action on climate change, the last year has seen some amazing wins, but also some frankly scary losses.

As ever, we’ve kept optimistic throughout. From the inspiring way 10:10 supporters responded to the solar cuts, to staying resilient in the face of the latest terrifying news about Arctic sea ice, whatever’s thrown at us, we know action on climate change is now unstoppable.

Our new film tells the stories of four unstoppable people. Anna campaigned to redesign her traffic choked high street, and won. Victoria installed solar panels on her estate. Howell generates electricity from the power of a stream. And Leo? Well Leo simply cycles his kids to school.

People everywhere are working to move things forward, any way they can. But in the meantime, carbon pollution keeps hurting the things we love. We need to move faster! Take a deep breath. Roll your sleeves up and let's get going.

The shift to clean energy is happening, and together, we are unstoppable. The challenge is whether we can work fast enough.

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