Three things you can do to celebrate wind power today

Happy Global Wind Day! Here are three things you can do to stand up for onshore wind today.

1. Sign our petition to bring back onshore wind

The government has banned new onshore wind in England - putting action on climate change at risk and rejecting one of the public's favourite types of energy.

It's time to send the government an urgent message about the kind of future we want.

Already signed? Brilliant! Can you share it with your friends and ask them to stand up for wind too?


We've put together a Wind Power Pack - full of resources to help you show your support for wind, and to make sure your MP knows all about it.

Each pack contains a limited edition tote bag, wind-themed stickers and temporary tattoos, a guide to talking about wind, and a resource for meeting with your MP.

They're already selling fast so get yours today!

3. Join us for some Strawberry Breezecake ice cream with Ben & Jerry's

We've teamed up with ice cream company Ben and Jerry's to stand up for onshore wind this summer.

If you're in London today, join us at their Soho shop to taste their new windy flavours - Strawberry Breezecake, Cherry Gale-cia and Caramel Blew Blew will be half price all day (because wind power is so cheap - see what we did there!?). If today doesn't work for you, they'll be running 'Windy Wednesdays' for the next few weeks.

If you're not in London, you can find windy flavours at Showcase and Empire cinemas. Try one next time you see a film!

Photo: Raul Diaz, cc