This October, have a tea party with your MP

It's time to speak up for the people, places and things that we love. Join us from the 8th-16th October to celebrate everything we want to protect from climate change - and help us make sure MPs feel that love too.

What could you organise in your area to show your MP that you care about climate change?

Think nature walks, tea parties, visits to community energy sites and all sorts of other events to start those conversations about climate change. Make sure you involve your MP so that they see, feel and hear how much their constituents care.

10:10-ers have cut carbon at home, fundraised for solar on their schools, supported local power in their communities and fought back government cuts to renewables.

Our challenge now is to keep up the momentum. So whether you’re a birdwatcher or a local business, join us and so many others for the Stand Up Week of Action.