These kids are raising 10k for solar

We’re just one month into Solar Schools 2015/16 and Kyson Primary, based in the charming Suffolk countryside, have already hit the big 2K.

How did Kyson do it? They sold strawberries, busked on the streets and posed for criminally cute photos.

We’re seriously impressed with these guys, so much so that we’ve crowned them our Solar Schools Superstars!

But it’s not all been smooth sailing. As Kyson were gearing up to go solar, the government threw a spanner in the works. Unexpectedly, they announced that they want to cut the FITs by a solar-dream-shattering 87%.

Despite this, inspired by the gleaming roofs of Solar Schools from years before them, Kyson have knuckled down and they’re determined that they’ll be generating clean energy within 11 months. Even if they have to flog every last Suffolk-grown strawberry there is.

What’s more, the children have come up with so many fantastic ideas that the leadership of the project has now been passed to them! That’s right, Kyson’s eco-club of 5-11 year olds is raising £10,000 in a school year. Our Solar Schools are ambitious above everything.

This just goes to show how much kids and grown-ups alike are inspired by the idea of generating their own clean, green energy.

They’ve even written a limerick to win your heart and your donations!

If you haven't already donated,

Don't regret you hesitated,

Donate now,

We'll show you how,

And everyone will feel elated.

We love watching Kyson’s roof fill up, if you'd like to support you can donate on and get your face on a solar tile.

Alternatively, if you live nearby and you'd like to volunteer time, know a business that might be able to support or just generally want to find out more, you can get in touch on - [email protected].

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