The UK's first solar cathedral


Hardware 42 solar panels.
Benefits savings from solar panels have helped the Cathedral cut yet more carbon, through low energy lighting and efficient boilers.
Location Bradford, West Yorkshire.

“Sing on with hymns uproarious, 
Ye humble and aloof, 
Look up! And, oh, how glorious, 
He has restored the roof!”

Back in 2012, Bradford Cathedral entered the history books by becoming the first cathedral in the UK to install solar panels.

To ensure the original look of the building was retained, the panels aren't visible from the ground, but a display screen inside the cathedral shows worshippers and visitors how much power the panels are producing.

The panels, which bring in approximately £3000 of much needed additional funding, are just one part of the picture at Bradford Cathedral. They're keen to cut their carbon further - LEDs are next on the list, and to encourage their members and local organisations to do the same.


“Having a visual display makes a difference. People can come and see what we are about - they can see the display straight away as they come in.”

- Reverend Mandy Coutts, residentiary canon at the Cathedral.

Bradford Cathedral had been hosting visitors from neighbouring Diocese, including York Minster, keen to see how they could learn from their efforts.

Photos: Andy Aitchison