The science is in. We need to act fast. Where can we start?

You might have seen news reports today about the urgent need to tackle climate change, and what a huge job we’ve got ahead of us.

The International Panel on Climate Change (the world’s body of climate scientists - one of the biggest science projects ever) has just released a report into how we can avoid warming the Earth above 1.5 degrees celsius. This 1.5 degrees limit was agreed in Paris as likely to avoid the most severe climate impacts - though as the report makes clear even at 1.5 degrees we face enormous risks. We have absolutely no time to lose.

But how will we get there? The report says that it will be very difficult to stick to that limit. We need to make some big changes very quickly - in the next 12 years in fact. Ultimately, we have just decades to end fossil fuels forever.

Still, it is possible to achieve. We have the knowledge, ideas and skills. But we really need to get our skates on.

If you’re feeling a bit helpless and wondering where to start, here are three things you can do right now to help build the sort of action on climate change we need.

  1. Join our movement and tackle climate change with 10:10

    To tackle climate change, we need everyone to play a part. If you’re not part of 10:10 already, join us. If you are - thank you. Will you ask your friends to take action on climate change with 10:10 too?

  2. Write to your MP

    Pressure is growing on the UK government to up their climate ambition. We want to see the UK commit to reducing carbon emissions to net zero by 2050 at the very latest, in line with this new report. Ask your MP to get on board now. 

  3. Donate to 10:10

    10:10 is creating brand new opportunities to tackle climate change that didn’t exist before. We’re pioneering solar powered railways, new approaches to curbing flying and generating renewable heat in London parks. Will you support our work with a donation?

Photo: Statkraft, cc