The festive magic of LED lights

For its Christmas light switch on this year, Oxford Street was lit up with 750,000 LEDs. And we’re more than happy to take that as testament to the amazing potential of this little light.

If you look around you, you’ll find LEDs everywhere. Powerful, colourful and way more energy efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, the future is bright with these nifty little diodes. (Yep, that’s the D in LED. Whatever a diode is).

Being so energy efficient definitely has its perks, and harnessing the power of LEDs can turn into a real artform.

So have you experienced any of these dazzling LED installations the UK (and beyond) has to offer?

Regent Street Christmas Lights

Photo: Oast House Archive,  cc

Photo: Oast House Archive, cc

Not to be outdone by its central London neighbour, Regent Street uses over 300,000 LEDs for its Christmas switch-on event - lighting up on November 16 this year.

Christmas Light Tunnel

Photo: Evelyn Simak,  cc

Photo: Evelyn Simak, cc

A UK-first, this tunnel of Christmas lights in Norwich uses 50,000 pulsating bulbs. It runs from November 16 this year.

Longleat Safari Park


The park in Wiltshire features a ‘Festival of Light’ that utilises 30,000 bulbs and an impressive two and a half miles of LED lights.

Magical Lantern Festival

Photo: Paul Farmer,  cc

Photo: Paul Farmer, cc

The UK played host to its first ever Magical Lantern Festival in 2016, which featured 58,000 LED bulbs illuminating 52 handmade lanterns made by specialists in China - and returns across the country for 2017.

Wilshire Grand

Further afield, the tallest building in LA is the Wilshire Grand centre. It has two massive LED displays, each 42 by 60 feet. Also, the building itself is covered in roughly 2.5 miles of LEDs that run up and down the building’s spine.


Photo: Josta Photo, world of color,  cc

Photo: Josta Photo, world of color, cc

The resort in California contains over 1200 fountains in its ‘World of Color’. Each fountain has its own LED light ring as well as LEDs installed on the 160-foot tall Mickey’s fun wheel.

Disneyland Hong Kong has taken this one step further; launching a ‘Paint the Night’ parade for its 60th anniversary that uses an incredible 1.5 million LED lights attached to floats and dancers - with the lights pulsating to the rhythm of the music.

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Banner image: Kyle Taylor, cc. Words by Bea Xu.